Bullying or harassment in the workplace

Bullying victims

The popular magazine in the information ZDF Wiso reported as early as 2008 that „more than 1,000,000 workers … by estimates of a bullying reports of the Federal Labor bullied at work, mentally ready, gedemütigtwerden or harassed.“ Facts and speak a language for themselves. (1)

And as is the style of this mission, is given a piece of advice that one should not just read this before you decide as a victim, because the soup may be ultimately the blame for themselves. „If you are a victim of bullying are, you should first try to Alone against the offender fight: try (to him – the bully or perpetrator share -) limits, you signal to him as soon as possible a clear „Stop. You need to get out of the Victimhood. Try with The bully to talk about the situation. Is unintelligible or need assistance, please contact Your supervisor. This is involved, please contact the next higher position. You should then find a solution to third. Advantage here: The third party may initiate the conversation and later serve as a witness. „(1)

And if that does not work, there are plenty of cases as proof, then what? All these suggestions just replace a ‚ban bullying‘, as required by the law in Austria. And therein lies the trouble in Germany. With a clear criminal prohibition of harassment laid down then have also the victim of hardcore a straw in your hand, if the tsunami comes, the famous denunciation Orgies.


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