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A school defends itself against bullying, anti-bullying Convention

18. April 2010

Bullying experience

You can do a lot if you have the responsibility as a leader in school do not worry, but sees a chance to defend themselves against the mob. Unlike the head teacher and his school board of the Berlin Lindenhof-Grundschule (1) the Eichwald-Realschule Sachsenheim has shown courage.

With an anti-bullying convention you stand on the side of the victim and the perpetrator says quite clearly what happens when they attack students, teachers, bully, or simply put a global bully, bullying or operate. No matter whether our lawyers or gods in my black, bullying is not a legal concept.

It is up to us citizens to fill this vacuum of legal incompetence, political unwillingness to look away and investigators. They are our schools, it is our everyday life and our Constitution, in Germany just Genant because of the inability of politicians and the Basic Law.

The anti-bullying convention of the Eichwald-Realschule (2) has a clear and concise and can help many in Germany as a teaching model convention. It is therefore something of a milestone in the fight against bullying, and you can Schull management, teachers and students only have made to so much commitment.

The anti-bullying Convention begins with the motto: “WE LOOK TOWARD AND ACTION”.

Students mourn Phoebe Prince

And that means even for those concerned, “we protect and support the victims and offer help! Also states that, “we hold and can not be victims in the lurch.” Simple and sustainable you can not put it well.

WE LOOK THERE AND ACTMeans for the perpetrators:

– “We condemn bullying, not the bullies or the”.

– “We try, together with the perpetrators, the perpetrator of the problems to solve.”

– “Our trained mediators bullying look together in discussion with all stakeholders to find solutions.” (2)

The aim of the anti-bullying convention is “we want a school of good cooperation and trust, and thus also a school be without bullying, harassment and violence“. (2)

There are five fundamental cornerstones on which all the action, that is Talking, explaining, giving, bars, and undertake:

– We do not participate in the Emergence and spread of rumors. Our principle: We talk with man, not about them.

– We explainThat we are not bullies. No one should stay aware of other situations they have not grown human.

– We give We always TroubleWith everyone in the school politely and openly cooperate and thereby problems not to go out of their way.

– We do every fellow who asks a question Support against harassment and make us pointedly at his side, even if we do not share in all his thoughts. We let anyone alone!

– We commit us to act together with others against bullying and harassment, where we observe it. We act together instead of alone.

Violations of these rules jointly established by us, we take seriously.

We offer assistance:

Bullying victims Stefan K., Potsdam

Then follow five contacts at the school. A convention can be that easy, clear and understandable and useful to the cause aware of its social role as a duty of care provider to be finished.

One can only hope to read lots of schools, companies and authorities of this Convention against bullying and assume, on the politicians we can not count anyway. So we must act within the law and citizens within the meaning of our Constitution, Article 1 and 2.

We have a choice between a School principal a la Linden School Berlin or a school like the Oakwood Secondary School. As simple as it can be to take a stand and defend himself and a life worth to work together. You have to want to.



Bullying atau pelecehan di tempat kerja

4. Januar 2010

victim of bullying

Tidak datang di depan umum atau radio dan tv swasta bahwa laporan tentang bullying atau pelecehan di tempat kerja. Penyakit menggertak, Jerman telah sepenuhnya terkendali.

Majalah populer dalam informasi ZDF Wiso dilaporkan sejak 2008 yang „lebih dari 1.000.000 pekerja … dengan perkiraan dari laporan bullying Federal diganggu Tenaga Kerja di tempat kerja, mental siap, gedemütigtwerden atau dilecehkan.“ Fakta dan berbicara bahasa mereka sendiri. (1)

Dan seperti gaya misi ini, diberi nasihat bahwa seseorang harus tidak hanya baca ini sebelum Anda memutuskan sebagai korban, karena mungkin sup akhirnya menyalahkan diri mereka sendiri. „Jika Anda adalah korban bullying ini, Anda harus terlebih dahulu mencoba sendirian melawan pelaku melawan: mencoba (kepada-Nya – penekan atau pelaku berbagi -) batas, Anda sinyal kepadanya sesegera mungkin yang jelas „Berhenti. Anda perlu untuk keluar dari Korban. Cobalah dengan penekan bicara tentang situasi. Apakah tidak dapat dipahami atau memerlukan bantuan, silahkan hubungi Supervisor. Ini terlibat, silakan hubungi posisi yang lebih tinggi berikutnya. Kemudian Anda harus mencari jalan keluar untuk ketiga. Keuntungan di sini: pihak ketiga dapat memulai percakapan dan kemudian bertindak sebagai saksi. “ (1)

Dan kalau itu tidak berhasil, ada banyak kasus sebagai bukti, lalu apa? Semua saran ini hanya menggantikan ‚larangan pengganggu‘, sebagaimana diwajibkan oleh hukum di Austria. Dan di situlah letak masalah di Jerman. Dengan jelas larangan kriminal pelecehan ditetapkan kemudian juga korban hardcore sedotan di tangan Anda, jika tsunami datang, yang pengaduan terkenal pesta pora.


Bullying or harassment in the workplace

4. Januar 2010

Bullying victims

The popular magazine in the information ZDF Wiso reported as early as 2008 that „more than 1,000,000 workers … by estimates of a bullying reports of the Federal Labor bullied at work, mentally ready, gedemütigtwerden or harassed.“ Facts and speak a language for themselves. (1)

And as is the style of this mission, is given a piece of advice that one should not just read this before you decide as a victim, because the soup may be ultimately the blame for themselves. „If you are a victim of bullying are, you should first try to Alone against the offender fight: try (to him – the bully or perpetrator share -) limits, you signal to him as soon as possible a clear „Stop. You need to get out of the Victimhood. Try with The bully to talk about the situation. Is unintelligible or need assistance, please contact Your supervisor. This is involved, please contact the next higher position. You should then find a solution to third. Advantage here: The third party may initiate the conversation and later serve as a witness. „(1)

And if that does not work, there are plenty of cases as proof, then what? All these suggestions just replace a ‚ban bullying‘, as required by the law in Austria. And therein lies the trouble in Germany. With a clear criminal prohibition of harassment laid down then have also the victim of hardcore a straw in your hand, if the tsunami comes, the famous denunciation Orgies.