Melanie, 23 years, according to Internet acquaintance dead

A letter from Holly Stuckey

what to believe from a seemingly trivial encounter on the internet could be. „In the Internet forum, the man had under a female pseudonym pending. The 23-year-old had searched the internet to contact a woman, which they believed to have 27-year-olds found in the said a police spokesman. “ (1)

At the first meeting, it came naturally to the dispute because Melanie had seen stunned those who are there under the  „female pseudonym“ had registered.

The dispute ended fatally for Melanie, because the 27-year old man killed, details will be the next few days by the press in rushing. More and more the Internet is a problem case, one should therefore generally in front of „chat roomsat night to take „or visit the first place. Sorry, there was a good idea once again a graveyard orgy. From England, similar cases have become known, so fingers away from „Chat Rooms“, radical but effective.

1), cc = 000005480300114839004RPVGh.html

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