Mobbed with mucus, urine and antifreeze

Hard to believe what had to endure a bullying victim in Stockach in Baden-Wuerttemberg. „Supposedly it has the three alleged Perpetrators of fun, Her colleagues always something Disgusting zun in the coffee mix. So they have more than just the boundaries of bad taste exceeded. With Mucus, Urine and finally Antifreeze in the coffee-workers have a 39-year-old man in Stockach in Baden-Wuerttemberg harassed. After the victim with the antifreeze Corrosive to the mouth and throat had now identified the police against two young women and young man from colleagues because grievous bodily harm„. (1)

And then politicians tell us we do not need anti-harassment law? One can only hope for the victims, the EU, the only question is when?

And what bullying means to society, is in the case of the 39-year-old man now at hand. The solidarity must now pay back the cost of anti-social bully, for the victims of bullying is still working.

Started „had the series with cola or juice, mucus, and urine were later accepted. The victim is initially sick leave.


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