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Sam Leeson , 13 years, Mobing victims hanged himself.

30. Juni 2010


Sam was  young as Carl- Josef in the United States and millions of his age in our global village. He had discovered a passion for himself, gave him a bit beside the school and daily life, „EMO „music.

EMO Music ( 1 ) is determined by the fact that “ by the stronger concretes of feelings such as despair and sadness and through the study of social, political and interpersonal Topics characterized . ( 1 ) Therefore EMO is considered mainstream music, what simply does not hear any . Sam she liked, she gave him something which can be described as identity.

Sam had four sisters and two brothers miss him today. „Together with many emos Sam wore alternative black or dark clothing and had long hair. .. „2)

Somehow Sam got on the internet social networking site Bebo , where he was then made ready. A case of cyber bullying which is typical for our time. Probably made in his interest in „social , political and interpersonal issues “ EMO music on Bebo. ( 3 )


His mother or his father knew most of them just as his siblings. „Sam ’s mother said the family discovered the extent of the bullying only when they checked his Web page after his death. ‚I’m not sure what influence these sites have – but if they are a method of expressing things, maybe they should be checked more, ‚ said 45- year- old Sally Cope . ( 2 )

What is clear today that many of the perpetrators apologize now for their antisocial behavior, what is the evidence they have made ready Sat , a 13 year old boy who was going to get started in their own life and also had , so what is called and puberty. ( 4 )

And Sam had discovered another passion for himself , writing. „Peter Rowland , headmaster at Severn Vale School, Paid Tribute to Sam as a ‚ wonderfully creative ‚writer who would be a “ great loss ‚to The School . “ ( 2 )


Its 22 year old sister Emma says that Sam was bullied because of his love for Emo music in the school. „Sam ’s sister , Emma , 22, said he had therefore been bullied at school over his interest in the music . “ ( 2 )

In a for him to commemorate his short life made a lot of website say to Sam and the loss for all of us , for what he would tell us everything could about writing and the music yet , but the mob has triumphed here . As so often, if at Sam and Carl -Josef , Megan and Phoebe, the hatred of the mob has so many driven to death , that you still can not understand why Cybermobing will not be prosecuted , especially the operators of these sites have yet times their duty of care are clear.

Phoebe Prince (15)

At the “ Lesson Sam Online Memorial Site “

Kristie K has , written the following:

“ They say heaven is a holy place, where tears and happiness will surround shant fall everybody, no pain and no suffering , you deserve to be in that beautiful place and one day all your family and friends shall join you too. Your story has saved many peoples lives but you didn’t deserve to die. Those people who taunted and harrased you should be ashamed . “ ( 4 )

„Sam, of Tredworth , Gloucestershire, was found on Thursday by his mother , Sally Cope, and another sister , Katie , 12, when they returned from a short shopping trip „. ( 3 ) Sam had as Carl -Josef hanged in the U.S., both victims of extreme bullying attacks.

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