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24. Dezember 2012


Amanda Todd Song oder lasst uns Mobbing beenden, God Bless Amanda Todd.

31. Oktober 2012

Hier bitte ist der Originaltext:

God Bless Amanda Todd.

„This song is written for Amanda Todd* and all the victims of bullying across the world. Let’s love each other already….each other is all we got .
Here are the lyrics I wrote for her..(.verse 1) Stand up for me now, can’t you see..we’re all the same. Sing for Amanda Todd, & all the others who died in vain.

You gave them no way out, such a bully, such a disgrace.  All the time I wasted on you, you gave me no escape. Like a wounded animal, you tear me apart, everyday.  Making it harder than hard to believe to have faith.  All I really wanted was acceptance in my own space In this ditch I lay down…because I am irreplaceable. (chorus) Please God take my life up in your arms Need Strength & Courage to carry on…Things go wrong everyday but I’ll get there on my own. So hard just to breathe everyday. People are so mean in every way. I just wanted someone to take me in their arms.  If you could only be (in my shoes) like me you’d see just how hard things can be. Trying to stand up in this cold cold world i get knocked down on the ground.Please forgive those who made life hell..I’d rather leave them alone and just hurt myself just looking for someone to make me feel at home.

03-ralph-gibson(verse 2) Amanda just wanted To be Equal to have LOVE. Didn’t want Deception …How could you laugh in my face ?? Nothing Louder & scarier. than a crowd pointing your way. Wanna run wanna hide . Just wanna erase all my bad dayz.If you could of only loved me for me, not what you wanted me to be, can’t you see its all over now you have taken my spirit from me. I’ve already died inside fumigated with your hate. Just remember us all now…. Amanda Todd is my name……(chorus 2 ) Please God take my LIFE up in your Arms …Need Strength & Courage to carry on. Things go wrong everyday but I’ll get there on my own So hard just to breathe everyday. People are so mean in everyway. Just wanted someone. To take me in their arms. If you could only be like me, you’d see just how hard it can be.  Trying to Stand Up in this cold cold world.  I get knocked down on the ground. Please forgive those who made life hell. I’d rather leave them alone and just hurt myself. Just looking for someone to make me feel at home. Treat others how you want them to make you feel…..God Bless Amanda Todd.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown on suspicion of harassment

24. Februar 2010

From Germany, we know that is being bullied in politics, so expect the stuff. The Governing Mayor of Berlin Wowereit certify the SPD, for example, a „stable bullying culture“, one can also say that the SPD has a system-bullying. (1)

For a party like the SPD, a devastating verdict for once bullying is a criminal offense in Germany, even if difficult to follow a circuitous route and over years. Calls on the other hand, the SPD, „Social Democrat“ and is proud of its workers wing, as to understand one, how can a system have bullying.

In England, the Labor Party is the brother of the SPD, so to speak, and feel as the voice of workers. And now its Prime Minister Brown is under suspicion of harassment.

„After the head of a telephone help Bullying victims had hinted at the weekend, some of Brown’s staff had called the hotline, called LaborParliamentarian Anne Snelgrove Evidence. The director Christine Pratt admitted in the BBC that no caller had raised allegations against Brown directly „.

According to a book, this should now be in circulation, is Brown as choleric chief of staff concerns had hard times.

„According to British media published excerpts of the Premier an employee is have tipped off the chairBecause they typed too slow. Then Brown had even the space taken on the computer. One of his advisers to the government, therefore, grabbed by the collar and yelled have. „(2)

„Another employee who wished to organize a reception for EU ambassador, is said to have pushed and yelled at Brown, why he had to take those damn people.“ (3)

Now stand at elections in England, „in opinion polls ahead of parliamentary elections on 6 May, the Labor Party is currently six points behind the Conservatives. Last year, Labor was still far back as 20 points, and since then political opponents are always ideas that would now be demonstrated, however, especially if the hotline, said to have taken place on the calls, the competition among parties.

„The head of phone support, finally told the BBC that no caller had made allegations directly against Brown. However, calls from the number 10 Downing Street had been received by the telephone assistance. The hotline said to have been endorsed by a members of the opposition Conservatives. (3)

Obviously, is now bullying, after the issue more and more is in the public, by political hard-liners like hitched to their party political wagon, which is the more reprehensible, should the evidence suggest that, particularly bullying victims are so abused by again.

It will be interesting to be informed of how quickly the public about the real reasons in the case of Gordon Brown. And one can only hope that again held a substantive discussion about bullying and a solid regime in the UK and Europe.

1) E2% 80% 9Emobbing culture% E2% 80% 9C /


3) ~ EA40E8D5786BF449F90E16CEFEF860B94 ATpl ~ ~ ~ Ecommon Scontent.html

Bullying and burnout syndrome

8. Februar 2010

Bullying victims

„Under burn burnout (in English“ to burn out =) it was originally understood the negative consequences of professional (over-) stress with gemütsmäßiger exhaustion, internal dissociation, and finally decrease in performance. Or – as it was described earlier – a (stress syndrome) in the helping professions or reduced to a nutshell (The consequences of poor conditions under which many good people working). (1)

On the Internet there is now for bullying victims a forum in which they draft can seek advice and represent their experiences. BOF, „the BurnOut Forum, information sharing around the topic BurnOut syndrome – guaranteed anonymous!“ (2)

As a victim, you should accept any help and opportunity is offered to one. This includes the BOF has the spinners themselves against attacks by cyber-bullies and protected, and thus provides a degree of „anonymity and protection“ for the victims. Unfortunately, the bullying and related burn-out has so far been poorly studied and respected, especially in export champion Germany, as well as a socio-political scandal.



Jessica Lenzen, 13 years, victims of bullying, was beaten

25. Dezember 2009

Without Words

To finish with what brutality and hatred today, students and fellow classmates, shows the case of the 13-year-old Jessica Lenzen from Cologne.

>> But moves as the only parent (mother) for professional reasons, with Jessica and her brother Bergneustadt to Porz, begins for the girl even sadder times. „Already the first impression was really bad,“ recalls the teenager on her debut. „Because I have otherwise been sitting there, legs apart, they have insulted me.“ As a „loser“ it was called, „because I do not smoke or kiffe. Two guys are the spokesmen. Then Jessica kicks taken in the back. The perpetrators were mentioned – it – lied to the teacher so that „I got the anger.“ Why should they have done that? Jessica suggested, „because I was new and had no ideal proportions.“ <<(1)

And Jessica lived at a school deustche hell showed her subsequent behavior. According to the daily beatings she was going there anymore.

>> Increasingly, Jessica is secretly at home. „There was not a day where I did not get a beating.“ They harassed and insulted. When she tinkers a sheep, it will be spat upon and destroyed. „Everybody hated me. That was normal. „Your absences are piling up. <<(1)

What they should have done it. Help with the teachings and the so-called social worker was denied. A scandal, which shows that so etwsas as the fiduciary duty of the school and teaching is probably no longer applies.

>> At the school, the teachers claimed to have respect and fairness the same importance. There is one Arbiters Program. The motto is: „Teachers do not turn on. There are no penalties. There are neither winners nor losers. „For conflicts among older students from grade 8 will be offered mediation. For many, this is a help. For Jessica, it was not. „The Social Worker has only talked, but nothing done. „Even a short stay in a child and adolescent psychiatry did not help her. Jessica wants to talk anymore. „I just wanted out of there.“ <<

Respect and fairness, what have these teachings only for a moral and values representation? And what does the school office made famous drink except coffee and stick their heads in the sand? Teachers do not turn on, that is, they do not take their duty of care was.

Luckily, Jessica had a mother fought for her daughter. „After more than five months of physical and psychological attacks Daniela shows Lenzen the classmates of her daughter to have recently defeated in bodily harm. After a tough begging her mother a (different) high school girl takes up despite recording end. Jessica makes learning fun again today. But recently, they saw their tormentors in the S-Bahn. The fear remains. „(1)

Yes, keep the anxiety and the risk of bullying werdenm, probably a lifetime. Eventually, Jessica will be leaving the school and then? Will it once again encounter a bullying perpetrators and the fear is a storm to a hurricane, and then?