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Health Minister Rösler, FDP, mobbing Institute Director Peter Sawicki

23. Januar 2010


The new health minister Roesler comes from the government Wulff (CDU) in Lower Saxony. There, he has probably learned how to cope abzockt and people make, so mobbing. Should recall here only on the harassment case Detlef Lengsfeld of the Autostadt.

Now Wulff (CDU) has about Air Berlin on Christmas erstmal pockets stuffed full and feels great while as a Christian. (1)

And Rösler (FDP) will now get hold after the FDP on the DKV a group rate for their members, so that „liberals“ have to pay less in health insurance contributions than the citizens, the pharmaceutical lobby, a disservice to his show. The motto is clear, you stuff the pockets full pay to the public must be stupid, what we do not want to pay for sea gulls and politicians Pickler (2)

Let him pay for the citizen

None of the other parliamentary parties have made such a deal, there has been supposed moral concerns, which it already exists in the FDP much longer.

And a deal has Rösler, doctor, Health Minister and FDP signed flagship foreigners, namely with PKV Vice-Director, Christian Weber and pharmaceutical lobbyist. It now represents directly as a lobbyist in the pharmaceutical industry’s interests in the Ministry of Health and Department for fundamental questions about this. (3)

And Weber and Roesler have vorgeknüpft times are equal to Peter Sawicki, director of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, which is the pharmaceutical industry for years been a thorn in the side because his advice has saved us a lot of health insurance costs, and pharmaceutical bosses, however, cost a lot of profits has. Such a man has to go, and that makes it the best by pure bullying, character assassination is always a favorite means of the perpetrators.

So it was clear Sawicki gotta go and quick. It has also claimed that Sawicki had made false travel expense claims, but did not this would prove a new brand of Möwenpickregierung well. And now Sawicki is weggemobbt and must prove his innocence over a year long legal battle, which we know bullying victim was only too well.

I fly with Air Berlin.

Rösler and Weber now live without Sawicki pill in Paradise, Wulff may remain unchecked despite proven false invoices for U.S. flights Prime Minister and Peter Sawicki as victims of bullying must now defend in court his dignity.

And in the Mövenpick government Merkel / Westerwelle it now looks forward to the donations from the pharmaceutical industry and we are equal citizens may even pay more contributions to the pharmaceutical health care prey. What kind of democracy a la Möwenpicklobbyismus because only one can say. And as one for t Physician named RöslerWho besmirched the dignity of people and jeopardizing his health with bullying? Before Fiduciary duty Roesler has never heard anything, right?