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Symposium on 20.5.2010 on the subject of bullying

27. Mai 2010

In Ulm there on Saturday, 5/20/2010 interesting and important conference of the „Child Action, Center for Land Baden-Württemberg.

In the preface to the symposium writes the Labour and Social Monika pride of BW, „unfortunately, violence is one in all its forms, including bullying do so, no social marginal phenomenon of young people themselves and each other. Scientific evidence indicates that suffer in each class in one or two children under the bullying attacks of their fellow students. This leads to enormous psychological stress among those concerned, bring the often physical complaints with it. (1:00)

Where is the simple question, why then adopted the CDU not with their coalition partner FDP in Berlin and finally an anti-bullying BW law in the U.S., this is now in the states of motion and grant, why not us? “

Of great interest would be the talk of the Munich psychologies shepherd who gives a lecture on „The System of harassment“ *. Perhaps the individual contributions are indeed on the Internet.

* New findings from empirical research, DR MELISSA SCHAEFER, Munich. (2)

Further contributions to the symposium come from FRANZ HILT, Freiburg, strategies against bullying (3).

There then followed six groups, which among other things, CHRISTOPHER SZADAY, Zurich, the concept of „No Blame Support Group Approach to Bullying„Imagine, translated loosely means,“ (k) onsequente action against bullying through mutual support from peers. (4:00)

One can but hope, despite the high-profile composition of the technical meeting with experts in their field only, the participants find the courage to adopt a resolution in which they pointed to the lack of basic law and pass it pride of Minister or forward.

Therapy is good, too-one, but ultimately helps just one ombudsman with authority to issue directives to state and government level, with an anti-bullying law also causes time to prosecute the perpetrators. Only then can bullying be stopped and pushed back, and that is today, just who makes the first move?