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IG-Metall mood was against bullying and suicide victims, Michael Semenov

15. April 2010

Outcry in the country of work

At VW, perhaps the bullying system from Hesse is just like that of discounters Aldi, the food, but obviously with a more brutal form of employee harassment, if the union is on board. Just bullying victims and Detlef Lengsfeld, Rainer Beutler, Milna Petrovic and now the suicide victim Michael Semenov effectively prove the union at VW bullying (4).

From the field of stewards of the IG-Metall at VW we have received the following opinion, and present Potalivo Antonino, a colleague of Michael Semenov. Thereafter, even in public the „dignity of Mr Michael Semenov attacked. Who mails sent this way, the need to know what this could have consequences for (1).

The news of the Michael’s death Semenova„Has made us all concerned. „I find it scandalousThat a man is so driven into a corner and myself know of no other way out than suicide. By far the greater scandal to me is that I of the Suicide of the colleague by you (Detlef Lengsfeld and bullying hear) and not the trust body of the IG-Metall.

For background

: To 22 06th this year has been distributed through the usual multipliers (stewards of the IGM) in the VW plant Wolfsburg mail. Contents of this mail: Report on a mirror-a South American journey from Colleagues Patta and a statement by the spokesman and an auditor of the IGM. Both attest to Mr Patta impeccable behavior.

At the same time is reported in epic about the failings of „Mr Semenov. According to my estimates, the stewards of the IGM alone in Wolfsburg about 35,000 VW employees have been reached.

In commenting on a pending (!) Process is Michael Semenov so publicly just made that for me the impression that here was a response by Michael Semenov provoked be. The fact that the colleague should be driven to death, and can assume I will not. I’m even assume that those responsible would act differently in retrospect.

Where to go?


An apology to the survivors and especially to the wife of Michael Semenows is the least. And through the same distributor, which were previously used to represent colleagues Semenov in a particularly bad light.

The strange reluctance in Case Volkert („We do not participate in prejudgment“) colleagues have not put here on the day. Unfortunately.

PS: I find your (Detlef Lengsfeld and bullying commitment to bullying victims really well.

With friendly greetings

Antonino Potalivo

Volkswagen AG / D-38436 Wolfsburg K-EFT / 1 Letter Box 1780 Tel: +49 5361-9 – 29,519 mailto: @ antonino.potalivo

Can you also like to publish. “

For bullying victims is clear, must be created here by the IG-Metall clarity about the events, which is run out there when it comes to such a mail campaign. Even VW and the supervisory board of VW group seated state government of Lower Saxony, in the person of the Prime Minister of the CDU are required, as all parties in Parliament. Our Basic Law is clearly there, the „dignity of man and his health are“ inviolable and protected, why has this not happened in the fall of Michael Semenov? (3)

Views expressed sorrow and solidarity with the union representatives from VW as Antonino Potalivo are certainly appropriate and desirable, therefore, the publication of the address. Even opponents of bullying should not be excluded, as Detlef Lengsfeld bullying and his case has still not been resolved by VW. Only the general public can help here, both in Detlef Lengsfeld as well as Michael Semenov.

Summary: I suggest keeping the word bullying for activities between children and teenagers at school and reserving the word mobbing for adult behavior at workplaces. I also suggested to point out, in articles and books, what other terminology is been used in related research areas in order to serve the reader. (, Heinz Leymann)