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16 dismissals, VW-vending machines and 293 affected affair.

25. April 2010

Or has the IGM anything at the bell?

Believe it or not, but two vending machines at VW in Baunatal in Kassel had it in themselves and not themselves.

The story sounds macabre, but it also shows what does not in our country.

In the Kassler plant of VW stood or hung jahrlang two vending machines that would probably as there may not stand or hang. Something like the fiduciary duty and the TUV are not machines. If it is ever the question of who belonged to the machines, VW, or the cigarette retailer, as it was on the machine and probably still is?

Was now an empty slot on the machine and put it into his work with ID chip, then you got to 3 times 4 euro, 12 euro well written. 239 factory employees or employees of subsidiaries are as loud indictment of VW so 32 000 euros in two years ill-gotten or credited.

If it is ever asked why the owner of the machines have not noticed or VW in two years, the loss of 32 000 Euro? What have these companies actually for an accounting?

Eventually, a VW employee has reported this strange vending machines with its strange booking patterns. From there it became critical for 239 employees and sometimes tragic.

VW Counsel Gerhard Klenner was now probably active, all employees have received less than 150 euros booked well received, a day fine or transfers to another department. 12 Werksanghörigen and four employees of VW subsidiary company received the notice into the house.

Three staff members have now filed suit against the dismissals, because they see in the „kicking an economic disaster,“ said her lawyer Ulrich flower, because „they had little chance of ever again find such a job.“ (1)

On 04.20.2010 was the Gütetermin now, it’s about the embezzlement or enrichment charge, because the three employees had gewirtschaftet in the two years of Gutbuchungsautomaten 1180, 1178 and 1738 euro in their pocket.

The tribunal, chaired by Judge Angela Merz tends to force his dismissal that if you can demonstrate to the three employees that they had „deliberately“, ie knowingly knew about the accounting practice of the two machines.

Brigitte Schöttner, counsel for the IG-Metall held, however, knew that the sticker by the employees of the tobacco dealer does not mean that the machines had heard her employer, and they had so damaged him with.

If, once the question of why the IG-Metall is active in such a case, while a bullying victim, Rainer Beutler – destroyed his health and financial well-being for ever, and who now, as early retirees in the VDK for other victims on the Board fighting – refused to support even though he is neither enriched nor his employer is injured and has created even with its many benefits for improvements VW and money?

And why was not supported by Detlef Lengsfeld the IGM, although he has harmed as a bullying victim or his employer or any third party? Today, now the health and existence of Detlef Lengsfeld is destroyed, as well as that of Milan Petrovic. If the IGM was the bell? “

The VW personnel officer has now contacted the prosecutor in the case of bullying Rainer Beutler and Detlef Lengsfeld he has not this, why? What criteria actually identify a prosecutor? After the power of money or for the purposes of our constitution?

It will be interesting, as is the case is decided by the three cigarette machines at the next appointment. In the case Beutler, Lengsfeld or Petrovic, which is about hundreds of thousands of euros, the prosecutor determined not strange morality that VW here, IGM and prosecutor put on the day.