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Furthermore, movement in Case Emmely

23. Februar 2010

Emmely became known that she was accused of a cash register at a branch of their Employer’s „Emperor“ two Deposit tokens have delivered on a customer in the amount of 1.30 euros.

The employer has agreed, neither the police nor the prosecutor shall show, there might have been due Insignificance attend to the proceedings terminated.

Not so with the country’s Labor Court Berlin, where one is on top form and has accumulated in the 1 as in 2 Instance of the employment relationship dissolved. And you have the right to their Review taken.

Emmely and her lawyer went before the Federal Constitutional Court and awaiting trial, which unfortunately takes a long time, as always, what is not understood.

The trade union Verdi – their role has long been unclear and one can also find an explanation of the dubious works by verdi there has – there is Soliseite for „Emmely established.

Please reinschauen easy times and „Emmely support, especially in times when all are silent, then every encouragement balm.

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