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Sedika Weingartner, manager at Siemens was bullied for 7 years

21. Januar 2010

Outcry in the country of work

And managers are subject to the same „anti-social and violent methods“ of bullying perpetrators as we all do. That was bound to the native Afghani Sedika experienced gardener at Siemens.

„Fecal and abdominal linguistic style: complex words, which takes Sedika tenants from Nuremberg, often in the mouth. Distinguished euphemisms for nasty insults at their workplace: seven years she was there as a woman and a foreigner discriminated been. „(1)

„But what has really happened in the Siemens headquarters in Nuremberg Vogelweiherstraße 2002 to 2009? >> As another woman to take over my job, I was made by two of my superiors systematically done <<says gardener who is married to the Nuremberg art historian Helge tenants. They had excluded her from meetings, fobbed off with an old PC, put in a small office and covered with an excessive amount of work. For tenants forms of subtle violence „. (1)

And when, after a baby break at the „messy place“ comes back, it is erstmal to the point, as befits by managers of Siemens as well. „Accusations have to get it, words like Filth and slovenliness were often killed. „(1)

„Your boss – an underexposed Women and foreigners who hate„It was probably active when Sedika tenants fight begins, as so often with bullying victims with a good portion of anger. Then probably followed the termination with severance offer. But the manager defends itself and turns on lawyers.

„In the Weingärtner application is the talk of“ personal rights violations in the form of Discrimination, harassment and discrimination. Klaus Michael Alenfelder has set up the action. He is Professor of Business Law and Director of the Center for Labor and anti-discrimination law at the University of Northern Hesse and has calculated the amount at stake today. “ (2)

One problem will be that „at Siemens. … Bullying is defined extremely hard (is), states that workers‘ representatives. Arbeitnehmervertetern the time was training in the country of their recommended Vostandsvorsitzenden quencher, because in Austria it has long been light-years more than for a global company like Siemens, who is known worldwide fame gained by his corrupt practices, despite Participation and IG Metall. That would give me time to think as an employee Representation, perhaps it is due to the inability of the councils that bullying has become an area type disease in Germany (3).

In Austria, there is now for the public service, to a ban on bullying, which is regulated by law and bullying drin. For the IG-Metall times a model case, placing himself at the head of the anti-bullying movement, as the company continually praying some slogans like an ape by one.

Should recall here inexcusably let down only in the case, Patta, IG Metall Wolfsburg Autostadt and Detlef Lengsfeld, best-known victim of bullying Autostadt and the IG Metall union as well as Rainer Beutler, Milan Petrovic, and so many other victims of bullying at VW fared.

One can only hope, in the case Sedika tenants that their perseverance is rewarded, and bullying victims set for us a breakpoint when it comes to compensation. „The procedure consists of three parts: Weingartner defends himself against the dismissal. She wants to get their salaries paid subsequently. And she wants a salary of „not less than 1.3 million euros.“ That adds up to about two million. The success is open. The tribunal, chaired by Armin Frolich wishes that the two sides until mid-March to try once an amicable agreement. „(4)