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Up to immediate termination three carers have been bullied.

1. Mai 2010

Today’s fortune: Mobb older people, and you can spare you the redundancy.

The struggle against older employees is not only in Germany in full swing. On Tuesday Mrs Maischberger had to do in their trivial talk show for women politicians in the mid-life crisis on a mission.

Sun came up with the manager Petra Summer, „unemployed since 2009,“ a woman with Rückgart to speak, it threatens the end of this year, Hartz IV and she refuses to go to this Horrorpfad German social policy. Mrs. Sommer was able to demonstrate the basis of 10 colleagues and friends that „my generation …. sorted out and moved to the sidelines „is. Ms von der Leyen was also there and looked like the boss of all Möchtegernsanktionierer, cold and unable to understand why in the current war in the world of work is, bullying. (4)

And now this case in Austria, shows just how politicians want to avoid the bullying prohibition in Austria to push older employees on the siding. (5) Because that’s what happens when the bullies and perpetrators of the attacks themselves against the charge of euthanasia not stop there. The theft mesh we know only too well from Germany and probably Europe now seems like a Unternehmenspest extend.

There are three very serious bullying cases, unfortunately, from the important area of nursing reported. The three women were employed in nursing Pongauer until the mayor began to „bad (.) F (ä) ll (e) of bullying to“ encourage or support them. It provides the „former member of parliament Pongauer Harald Hoffmann“ for his courageous action, too. (1)

First of all, is welcome, that here is a politician at the head to solve a bullying or rather, three cases of bullying is. We would hope that finally something would be the case in Germany, but of which we can probably dream a long time. And dreams are rarely true.

Harald Hoffmann, has researched and found the following facts, even after one of the women „on the day of their dismissal on the phone (even her) has announced suicide.“ (1)

Once a nurse should have made euthanasia. Fact is, „one of the three women had accompanied a home resident to death and it kept her chin so that the mouth of the dead do not stay open.“ (1) So what can well be described as but not euthanasia, but rather than brave the company of a woman lying in the die.

And rightly Hoffmann points out, which made him suspicious in the three cases. „The mayor has proposed that the three women, to resign, he will remain silent, but otherwise turn on the prosecution,“ and so what is rightly called coercion.

The mayor is now a completely different view and try to win the country. „He had the suspect …. offered to resign, because this view of labor would have been a different look than a dismissal. “ (1)

Time to be honest, in a case of euthanasia must surely indispensable display will be reimbursed, as well as in the case of charges of „sexual (s) abuse (s)“. „During a ceremony, one of the employees have put in the bed of a resident and held a banana in the air.“ (1)

So strange, so what a mayor rhymes together, probably because of his imagination, from a banana to suggest sexual abuse, sounds like a joke Bild newspaper from the bottom drawer, or why is the banana crooked.

And in another, and the last case of the „three senior staff of the home,“ it should have been some thefts. (1)

Here too, Hoffmann clarity. „And the alleged thefts would be to clarify all of them. This is about donations to the staff, which were allegedly not used correctly. “ (1)

In all cases, the mayor is based on „other home-workers, which would have charged three colleagues hard.

Now, on intervention by Hoffman said the union through the legal processes ready for the upcoming. It will be interesting to see how the court decides whether the mayor or the withdrawal of the dismissals.

Because alone, the fact that it has acted in all three nurses to elderly people with many years of service and the termination without layoffs by the municipality in any mushrooming (in Austria called the terminal) would have to pay, have quite clear on bullying attacks worst kind of action with the guidance of a top.

Let us recall here only to the famous dumplings case, so a lesson from the madhouse bullying to overtake that the death of the victim. (2 “

And the Teewurstfall of disabled geriatric nurse was another milestone in the fight against older employees (3)

„The 41-year-old had“ handicapped „woman with the Teewurst, which was intended for patients in the home, smeared bread (and then eaten). She received 23 October, the summary dismissal and unfair dismissal brought an action „with success. (3)

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Harassment because of sexual orientation is increasingly

28. April 2010

Carl Joseph (11), bullying and homophobia victims.

Gay and sissy have again become standard epithets

Sometimes it is the sexual orientation, sometimes it is the observation of sexual abuse and is already one for bullying victims.

The website „teacher-Online complains“ that „more and more young people … Gays and lesbians disgusting .. find. „(1) A tendency to frighten and shows a degree of intolerance and hate, as it was felt, for example, then as a student Carl Joseph (11, USA). (2)

The reasons for this new homophobia to create more and more teachers, because the openness of recent years and increase tolerance and coexistence of hetero-and homosexuals seems to be over.

„Outing at the school is almost out of the question. With foreclosure or tall tales try the youth, not merely to attract attention. For years, especially among young people seemed to grow steadily, the tolerance towards homosexuals. But now, watching young gays and lesbians a rollback. (1)

A rollback to all makes and create only about the parents is explained. Children as a reflection of the intellectual world of adults.

According to "Bravo" a victim of homophobia

Hence, the „WDR on 12 April 2010 in the series>> the story <<a report with the title „>> Gays Sau <<- The new hatred of homosexuals“ as shown. Unfortunately, there is no video or a clip more.

Presentations included Madeleine, a young woman who has fallen steadily in women. But apart from this experience, they then made the experience with sex-bullies in their school.

„Madeleine her best friend wrote in a letter that she did not know what was wrong with her, you fall in love are always in women. The next morning is her letter – copied many times – on the walls of the school. >> People have looked at me like dirt. And I’ve also felt ‚,‘ says Madeleine. (1)

An experience with many shares Madeleine, and she was lucky that the letter and her photo has appeared on „Facebook“ or any other web site. Cyber bullying is often must endure the next stage, the victims and Madeleine and drive them to the brink of ruin.

Bullying victims Stefan K., Potsdam, was set on fire

And as the reporter of the WDR rightly noted, „Gay fag and have again become standard swear words in German schoolyards. Teachers often say apologetically: That is so not mean it. “ (1)

These anti-social attitude of many teachers is one reason why bullying are increasingly becoming the school day. Those who think like teachers, harassment, was not all that meant, and often becomes the accomplice then the next victim.

But who is also active in sexual attacks, is not immune from bullying, which shows the case of a young assistant to the famous „Schoch home manager“ from the Martin Luther House announced. The home manager had „young people can stay in his tent.“ (3)

When „made life hell for her colleagues, she was mobbed massive, even the Bishop Frederick had to intervene and solve for a different place.“ (3)

And Mr. Schoch, a Rummelsberger deacon and psychotherapist in 1988 went without problems and remorse into retirement. Such is the case with us to the perpetrators to be pampered and protected, the victim is being prepared and if they are lucky added. So what to call the „respect and protect human dignity“ and whether 1966, 1976, .., 2006 or 2010, they have doubts about it?

Guido Westerwelle also been shining over the homophobia in the school to be bullied. Unfortunately, there is the interview with him in the Bravo is not the Internet. One can only hope that this time the Foreign Minister does not hide, but also actively supports the fight against the „gay hostility“ in the schools. (3)

„In his youth, it is far more difficult than today was (?) To stand on homosexuality, reported the Foreign Minister. His family and his friends would have actually always known and understood, there>> but of course there many attacks to which we are reminded today <<, said Westerwelle. >> There have been some who have noticed it or knew and could not handle it. <<(4)

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