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Bullying in the USA

23. Februar 2010

No country in which not a web page appears on harassment, bullying, especially in the U.S. seems to be spreading as far as with us. And in raising awareness about bullying has just the Professor Heinz Leymann (1) in the U.S. a large proportion.

The website of U.S. bullying is a very good level of awareness about the development of the „dark side“ of work in the U.S. & Canada.

The „awareness is slowly increasing in the U.S. and Canada on the dark side of the work and the devastating impact that Harassment and bullying on Self, health, organizations and society have. Our employees in North America but still relatively few contributing their share to the growing interest. “ (2)

This state of perception of bullying has improved extremely by the massacre in the U.S. and also involved with bullying at school.

„Following the Columbine school shooting and other tragedies that the media has increasingly discussed bullying in schools, thus raising the awareness of adult bullying / harassment at the workplace“. (2)

However, as with our place in Germany and Europe, there will always shortly after events like the massacre from Tim K. Winnenden (3) or touched in Alabama (4) briefly in the media, the topic and then disappears in the daily lives of conferences, on the then inform the public media hardly. Even in the case of Major U.S. Army Major Hasan Malik bullying appeared briefly as a possible motive, and then disappeared from public consciousness. (3)

The website of U.S. bullying refers to three important events in recent years to arrive at an anti-bullying law, „Three conferences on this theme have been organized in the United States since 2000, California, Massachusetts and Iowa, Department of Environmental Quality for the State of Oregon created the first anti-bullying policy in the U.S., efforts to add new Anti-bullying legislation on the path California and in other states and in Canada, and several new Internet self-help and advisory groups and websites relating to certain professions or Aspects of incivility at work „. (2)

But the organized opponents of bullying in the U.S. have the same problems as we in Europe, they must always point to successes, and laws in other states.

(This was held as a major international conference in early 2002 in Australia. In January 2002, France adopted an anti-bullying law. Is in, Canada, the Province of Quebec one anti-harassment/mobbing legislation adopted. In Colombia, in February 2006 legislation was enacted) (2)