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Rapid increase in labor complaints

7. April 2010

The smooth back there will still sue for his job at the Labour

Between Appearance and reality there was in Germany has always been a huge difference. While the Möwenpickregierung Merkel / Westerwelle now stabilized at a cozying with voters in NRW, the current Federal Minister of Labour – socially was the ladies from Lower Saxony in distributing only in the soup kitchen for poor feeding – von der Leyen one wants to feel spring recovery in the labor market, economists tell us something different in the real economy.

The Industry Association of Insurers , in its annual forecast a devastating development that will cost insurers 1.5 billion euros, up by whopping 50%. (1)

This affects the legal expenses insurer, for they assume that the Labour complaints this year will increase by 20% and overall 650 000 citizens will arrive before the Kadi to defend their jobs or work for a social interaction in the real economy are likely in vain. (1)

In the end, many stay only a few pennies over, why?

A trend that shows where this society is developing towards the face of a still peddling banking crisis and a policy that undermines the rights to bottom and after kowtowing to receive donations and Pöstchen.

2010 will be for many workers, one of the bitterest years, although in the stock market already exulting working on the next bubble. This shows once more, who will foot the bill at the end of the pay policy and rivets in pinstripe suit. Three times they may suggest and is already classified in one of the snakes.

1) , Page 8, „insurers prepare for tougher times“ (rtr I Berlin)