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The WDR is active against bullying

10. Februar 2010


Victims of bullying, Stefan K.

Bullying victim know the problem with the public media Bullying is often disputed, there is time broadcasts on the subject, then appear again and again, the same participants. Usually one gets the impression that only live in Germany Rapper as Bushido or Officials as Henkel and Kangisser, The trade union movement consists only of the summer and Huber.

But who are approaching the issue of really, who then found a wide range of bullying cases, victims have interesting conversation partners and also communicate the what, except the mustard one Harald Schmidt, Kerner or BeckmannWhere before we ask where the sausage is.

The WDR trying not only with the show „Tough but fair„The Laber & Rhubarb cartel the Maisch Bergers, Kerner and Maybrit Illner to escape harassment and has been with the WDR „nine and a half Retrospect„The theme was adopted.

Laber & Rhubarb

„Bullying – What can we do?“ May be only a step, but the story is interesting and you can also see the video yet complete it.

Nepomuk is 17 years old and is doing his GCSE. Today, he’s very happy at school, but that was not always so. In his old school, namely Nepomuk was bullied by his classmates: For several months he was marginalized, ridiculed and even defeated. Malin Nepomuk and has visited with him about this difficult time spoken. “ (1)

The video for the interview can be found just below the link. (1)