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Wage dumping Schlecker

11. Januar 2010

The black-yellow government and its policies heaps chicken al la LPG GDR under the leadership of Angela Merkel and Westerwelle has captured the imagination of many companies to wage dumping yet.

That is how the drugstore chain Schlecker suspected of permanent staff to replace temporary workers. This has many advantages for Schlecker, so „there for more than 4,000 temporary workers at Meniar fewer vacation days and no Christmas or holiday pay. The report refers to information provided by the Ver.di union. „(1)

As it comes to Christian joy and Schlecker has become known only because there is an elephant returns with ver.di battle. The many small Meniars Will not come in the show by Anne for Sunday Hühnergeklatsche, because it will affect too many people.

„When we look out Schlecker very carefully whether there is abuse or operated whether laws are being circumvented. If this is the case, we will close these loopholes, „the Minister said in the ARD program Anne Will. Where appropriate, the after-politician wants law. „(1)

Schlecker given to factor Meniar model developed. „Permanent staff will be (replaced) by temporary workers from Meniar (an acronym for people in work) (), an employee lender, which is connected with the Group. Meniar gives the staff at Schlecker, while paying only a few hours wage from 6,50 until seven euros, reported the online edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

From a legal minimum wage was not mentioned, neither von der Leyen, nor in any of the so-called labor market experts Heinrich Kolb (FDP) or Karl Schiewerling (CDU). Only the Association of Temporary Work (BZA) distanced from scih Schlecker model.