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Retaliated nurse to a colleague about bullying

27. Dezember 2009

Now a 43-year-old nurse was on trial in Frankfurt. She has repeatedly stunned with a colleague, a sedative, and that is dangerous bodily harm. „Now that her colleague had collapsed several times and also lost several patients of unknown causes consciousness, the hospital management had enabled the police. The motive remained before the court, first in the dark „.

The accused alleged „bad work environment and bullying actions at the station.“ (1) The interrogation of the superintendent brought to light another suspicions against the woman who was not yet part of the prosecution. She then said to have stunned many patients and possibly stolen. And that would have less to do with bullying, but more with criminal energy.

It will be interesting because of the scope of the operation, as the process proceeds, and whether the judge reached a clarification of the circumstances that led to the acts of the defendants.