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System in the Hessian Police Harassment

27. Januar 2010

You can twist and turn as you want, in the Hesse state government, the „combo CDU Koch and Co.AG seems bully“ too, so expect the stuff. Whether in the case of tax investigators from the tax office Frankfurt / V with the convenience opinion in which the finance minister of Weimar is under suspicion of bullying, as well as in the case of senior officials or in the case Elnain Jürgen Rauh, in which the Environment secretary Rita Thies (CDU), Susanne Elnain systematically bullied and has is now before the court, shows the system-bullying in all clarity.

The case Brender by ZDF and the role of the Prime Minister Koch is a further reflection of a system of bullying within the state government in Hesse, which is dominated by the CDU.

And now the bullying allegations against the Hesse’s Interior Minister Bouffier and Country’s police chief Norbert NedelaWhich seems to have developed in dealing with officials of the police, a system in which it came, „sometimes have problems with the recognition of service is an accident.“ (1)

This kind of reprisals on the system of bullying Combo CDU-Chef has led officials to the fact that they have to be afraid, „if they Addressing grievances.

It discourages bullying in the system also questionable and not before AIDS test illegal (2) back, which is probably the crown of the insolence and you ask yourself, what does the CDU in Hesse the Dignity and Fiduciary duty a manager?

„Several officers complained to unjust disciplinary procedures and questionable medical reports. A police officer reported that his Blood for HIV infection had been testedWithout his knowing it. „(2)

The aim of the system of bullying Combo CDU cook it well, „….. the responsibility of the Minister of Interior critical officials muzzled„To do so, then what the Gulag Archipelago principle would be sufficient to bear. The view is from the Green party and brought derLINKEN against the government and probably rightfully so.

And like the case of tax investigators from the tax office Frankfurt V in turn also appear questionable advice. For example, in the case of police officers watch. „The Frankfurter Rundschau and the Hessischer Rundfunk had about the case of Police officer Dirk Lauer reported. This was 1996 at the Arrest a suspect at the Frankfurt train station injured – And by extension Course of critically ill. Than Accident Service did not recognize the authority of the incident, however. After Lauer had resisted, he became a Neurologists sent to him quarrelsome and querulous behavior certified. Lauer’s an action against the State of Hesse was now partially successful: of the Administrative Court of Darmstadt appointed experts led Lauer Health problems to injury suffered in the service back.

Bouffier told the committee that Lauer had not been transferred against his will to retire. He had wanted to leave the service. When he had become aware, however, the fact that he is receiving less pension payments he had taken the legal way.

That’s not true, „said Lauer of the FR. The minister did not tell the truth. I was due to the accident no longer able to service and have written three times before the court action to Bouffier. But the Minister had not responded. Lauer is according to its own data with a large number of policemen in contact, which happened to like. The officials speak of a bullying within the police system. „(2)

So again, as a neurologist who has mastered the principle of the Gulag Archipelago, quarrelsome and querulous behavior it is called today, if you do not defend themselves and can be completed. The neurologist should represent his views and submit the training report. It would be of interest if he quarrelsome with the three letters to the Interior Minister said, or the right of an official, if he defends himself in court.

It is also asking why the Home Secretary has not answered the letters, it was then missing arguments and that we actually should be lurking right, they would be considerate of superior performance. Even frightening what is happening in Hesse in Koch, an illegal AIDS test, should Prime Minister cooking times Mr Westerwelle conceive of the FDP, the conversation should then be broadcast live on television. e2% 80% 9esystem mobbing-% e2% 80% 9coder-as-working-the-Hessian-archipel-gulag /

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