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Open letter from Sedika Weingaertner to Dr. Peter Löscher, Siemens CEO

8. Juli 2010

Sedika Weingärtner is at the moment the most famous victim of bullying in germany (1). Her fight against bullying is very importnat for all victims of war at the workplace in germany today. Here letters to the CEO Dr. Peter Löscher of Siemens is an evident of history in the struggle aginst Mobbing.

„Dear Dr. Loescher

At long last I have decided to write an open letter to you in order to remind you of a public scandal to the development of which you have, in my eyes, made a great contribution.

In my letter of 21 September 2008 I had informed you of my situation and of the harassment in your firm.

My letter of 6 February 2009 informed you of developments since. I asked you to bring in an external arbiter to do justice apparently this was not to your liking.

On 16 February, I asked you again to concern yourself with my case of bullying.

On 9 April, I informed you of my being sent on leave, an over-reaction, and of the entirely illegal misuse of my e-mail account, along with infringement of my individual rights. You, the Chief Executive of Siemens, remained inactive. Your executives acted, to the best of their belief, according to your intentions, until I was dismissed, without being given prior warning. I cannot see how this procedure cold be described as proper, as far as I am given to understand present European Employment Law.

For 8 years I strictly played according to the rules and in writing informed the people in charge within the company on the circumstances. All the time Siemens kept silent about the matter — now, after those eight years, as the case has come to public notice, suddenly nothing is acknowledged to have happened. The question is why Siemens AG never reacted or just answered my letters? I do not wish to suppose that the gentlemen agreed on a cover-up among themselves and never surmised that the advisory board might some day learn of all this or that information might reach the public?

Above all, this dismissal is void because regulations of job protection have not been adhered to.

Dear Dr Loescher, I am referring to a kind of mobbing which has found its way beyond the workplace into court and public and which is to have no ending.

15 months after my first letter to you of September 21 2008, Siemens AG tried to supply a reason, fabricated in hindsight, for firing me, and they did so right in court on January 20 2010 to divert the public’s attention from my unlawful dismissal.

I view the accusation of so-called Holocaust Denial by Siemens as a character assassination.

My question to you is this: Would it be necessary for a globally acting company to resort to such measures, if that company had, in its own estimate, justly acted according to law over the dismissal?

 Siemens chooses this course to further inflame the resentments in society against immigrants, and to enrage the German people, who want to divorce themselves from the crimes of the Nazi era, and that at the cost of my reputation, so that the actual events, an improper dismissal from Siemens after years of harrassment, are not revealed.

The district attorney has stated, in writing, that no offence according to the Criminal Code § 130 StGB, Holocaust Denial, is present in my case.

They have also stated, in writing, that the attribution of holocaust denial by Siemes is a false accusation, such as may infringe on individual liberties.

As all Siemens, and you, know, the ultimate reason for my dismissal is not derogating the Holocaust but the consequence of my behaving according to law, in refusing my superior’s command to transfer business data from several suppliers to an unentitled third party. I could not act according to this command, and thus breaches of compliance within Siemens Ltd have brought misfortune on me. You will perhaps reply that internal Siemens investigations have led to no conclusion. May I remind you of another case when the Prosecutor obtained a conviction of Siemens for defrauding the state and – what a surprise, Siemens internal investigations had also produced no result.

Dear Mr. Loescher,

Siemens did not hesitate to send a journalist from the Stern magazine to my door without prior notice.

Is it permissible to open the dossier of an employee to Stern? To give Stern the free access to personal data, references and health-records of an employee? 

Is it honourable for Siemens to give 200,000 Euros to the publishers of Stern for writing on any theme, whether multiculturalism or not? I would then understand if gratitude caused Stern to feel it its duty to show Siemens in a better light.

That is give and take — but what is not acceptable is the infringement of the liberties of a third party and breach of data-protection, especially to the disadvantage of the victim.

What I do not understand is that the Siemens lawyer can present the well-received article, which has its origin in mutual collaboration with Siemens, to the court as evidence, combined with a wish to maintain a witness protection programme for Siemens employees, who do not wish to be identified, according to Stern, because they fear legal action.

Nobody is prosecuted without cause, although accusations can be misrepresentation and slander, damaging to the reputation and honour of the victim. If Siemens is so certain that no such risk exists in the present case, then of course any employee can express himself freely, even if it does not make much of a difference. Siemens should therefore refrain from instructing my colleagues, forbidding them to express themselves publicly.  My colleagues are faced with matters of employment law and, by permission of the Personnel Division, they should be able to speak out in public. It is surprising that two colleagues, having received this permission, chose to speak out, but did not want to be identified.

What is not acceptable is the naming of the victims, although colleagues, apparently selected and presented by Siemens, who are guaranteed witness protection by Stern. If the presiding Judge Froelich wishes to provide Siemens witness protection, it is also his duty to give it to the complainant. In that case Siemens employees who have shared my experience, would testify, to the probable number of four, since they would not then have to fear for their jobs: thus two against how many?

I quote Abraham Lincoln: „ You can fool all the people some of the time and some people all the time; you cannot fool all the people all the time“

According to the media Siemens does not wish to comment on ongoing proceedings. In that case Siemens should not comment at all, in so far as Siemens spreads it about, we treat of a dismissal on grounds, which appeared out of thin air only 15 months after the dismissal took place.  It is also the case, whether Siemens chooses to comment or not, that you, Dr Loescher, are named as a witness in these proceedings. But perhaps nobody had told you of this hitherto.

Even allowing that none of the asssertions including „she was only a clerical worker“ are correct, does such evidence justify the harrassment in my case, which is now officially revealed by Siemens Plc.  According to this logic, with Siemens one may bully secretaries but not women-managers, but perhaps a secretary deserves less respect.

Why does Siemens find itself in danger of legal proceedings, if everything has been done according to law?

Siemens does not feel itself at fault, according to Stern. Responsible parties within Siemens Ltd are apparently unaware that circulation of personal data such as statements by and application forms of employees constitutes a blatant breach of national data-protection law.

Or, as might also be conceived, is this the continuation of harrassment that began in 2002 and has now found its way to the court-room, and that now, after alleging holocaust denial, wants to engage the pubic media?

Dear Mr. Loescher, why do you engage in an immoderate, immoral, and unjust battle against a woman who has done no more than obtain results for Siemens Ltd while doing her duty on a negligible salary.

A desperit colleague has made an appeal for help, and you, respected Dr Loescher, with a salary of 10 million Euros, did not find it necessary to concern yourself, quite on the contrary, you turned your fire on the little bird.

Do you enjoy cutting the floor from under the still-dependant children of your employees? Certainly, with an annual salary of some 10 million, you have no trouble providing for your children. But employees, dependent upon your offerings, do need security – security is not only intended for the strong.

Dear Mr. Loescher

I herewith request you to take up your responsibilities as head of Siemens Ltd and do everything possible to discontinue the slanderous measures which lead to public dishonour of my reputation; thus:.

1-   Withdrawal and cessation of accusations of holocaust denial

2-   Instruct your subordinates to refrain from the improper transmission of my personal and confidential data to third parties

3-   Desist from the targeted involvement of the media with the aim of providing copies of my personal documents, in order to influence the current legal

Considering my own proper interests within a society subject to law, I assure you I shall do whatever I can to carry the fight against this immoderate, immoral and unjust campaign throughout Germany, Europe and beyond.

Dear Dr Loescher. I am fighting for all employees; according to official figures, a fifth of all workers, that is 8 million people in Germany, experience bullying in the workplace. Some 3% of the workforce, that is 1.5 million human beings, have already fallen victim to it, at a cost to the state of 20 billion Euros.

Thus I would like to achieve improved circumstances for 25 million inhabitants of this country, so that protection  of personal liberty and human rights is guaranteed.

Therefore I warmly invite you, as one of the most powerful and respected men in Germany Plc to support my intentions, since virtuous acts can come only from virtuous  and mighty men.

It is rewarding to apply yourself to a good cause

Best Regards

Sedika Weingärtner“.(2)



Bullying in the USA

23. Februar 2010

No country in which not a web page appears on harassment, bullying, especially in the U.S. seems to be spreading as far as with us. And in raising awareness about bullying has just the Professor Heinz Leymann (1) in the U.S. a large proportion.

The website of U.S. bullying is a very good level of awareness about the development of the „dark side“ of work in the U.S. & Canada.

The „awareness is slowly increasing in the U.S. and Canada on the dark side of the work and the devastating impact that Harassment and bullying on Self, health, organizations and society have. Our employees in North America but still relatively few contributing their share to the growing interest. “ (2)

This state of perception of bullying has improved extremely by the massacre in the U.S. and also involved with bullying at school.

„Following the Columbine school shooting and other tragedies that the media has increasingly discussed bullying in schools, thus raising the awareness of adult bullying / harassment at the workplace“. (2)

However, as with our place in Germany and Europe, there will always shortly after events like the massacre from Tim K. Winnenden (3) or touched in Alabama (4) briefly in the media, the topic and then disappears in the daily lives of conferences, on the then inform the public media hardly. Even in the case of Major U.S. Army Major Hasan Malik bullying appeared briefly as a possible motive, and then disappeared from public consciousness. (3)

The website of U.S. bullying refers to three important events in recent years to arrive at an anti-bullying law, „Three conferences on this theme have been organized in the United States since 2000, California, Massachusetts and Iowa, Department of Environmental Quality for the State of Oregon created the first anti-bullying policy in the U.S., efforts to add new Anti-bullying legislation on the path California and in other states and in Canada, and several new Internet self-help and advisory groups and websites relating to certain professions or Aspects of incivility at work „. (2)

But the organized opponents of bullying in the U.S. have the same problems as we in Europe, they must always point to successes, and laws in other states.

(This was held as a major international conference in early 2002 in Australia. In January 2002, France adopted an anti-bullying law. Is in, Canada, the Province of Quebec one anti-harassment/mobbing legislation adopted. In Colombia, in February 2006 legislation was enacted) (2)




Is there a system-bullying at the Berlin police?

18. Februar 2010

We know the system from Hesse-bullying in the context of the Government Koch. (1) And we know even in the case of the „young police officer from Munich, whose bullying case with suicide in the movie:“ Death is no evidence showing what happens to victims of bullying, if not taken against perpetrators. (2)

Now, a on 09.02.2010 in Berlin-Mitte taken in a police station a 49-year-old police chief superintendent’s life. (3) days before has a colleague of his also shot himself. Two cases show, something must be wrong here, because it smells but out for bullying.

And look, the study of the press report about the suicides of two police officers turns out that her boss had taken at times two policewomen to have life. Bianca Muller was probably the best known of them, because she has vehemently against bullying and because of their Intersexuality Has gained notoriety. Protect them from bullying attacks but has not. (3)

This is Bianca, in the case of suicide, a colleague of her, that would be yet another victim in the list of the Berlin police, made strong for the explanation of the background.

We look to the year 2000 and what the press wrote about this. „The 50 – year-old was immediately after his service on 3 Killed November (2000), „said the spokesperson of the organization, Bianca Müller in Berlin on Thursday. The Berlin police dismissed the allegations. The suicide was in no relation to official harassment. Criminal proceedings for libel against Muller had been initiated.

The policeman worked for the traffic control service, „said Muller. He had been married and leave with a child. A suicide note was not found. Employees the department since August this year had complained about bullying, „said Muller.“ (4) 

The bullying allegations have been disputed by the then interior minister and later the CDU in Brandenburg, Joerg Schonbohm. It is interesting that his boss was the same one who was also responsible as head of a young Berlin police officer who took his life in July 1997. Bianca Mueller, „the spokeswoman for the Association drew parallels to the case of a Berlin police officer who in July 1997 made life had Straubing in Bavaria. The official was working under the same supervisor. Allegations that she was bullied by colleagues been „. (3)

About a year later, a process was held at which the BZ wrote:

„Could disappear from their superiors bullying evidence?

Worst allegations against two senior employees of the police: they managed after the suicide of police champion Stefanie L. aside four years ago, explosive material? Since yesterday as defendants before the Amtsgericht Tiergarten: Peter N., 59, Head of Police social care, And his superiors Claudia S., 57, Chief of Polizeiärztlichen service. The charge: When the suicide of the suspicion of Stefanie L. Bullying was associated (BZ reported), to Peter N. have the consent of his superiors, p. records of the deceased summarily deposited with a notary, and thus dissipated. The tragic story of Stefanie L., which had shown a colleague and then allegedly mobbed as Nestbeschmutzerin was – they came to a head in April 1997 increased dramatically. Because of an alleged suicide attempt a SEC command stormed their apartment. Then Peter got nerve the envelope. In it, a long love letter of Stefanie L. at their Head of Service. And sensitive documents relating to misconduct in a criminal investigation. Peter N. to the judge: „The letter was a cry for help a person in crisis with great clinical significance.“ (5)

Women have it probably in the police particularly hard, which had also experienced Sylvia Brown, who shoots himself on Feb 14, 1999th „Women police officers driven to suicide – Sexual harassment and bullying in uniform. On 14 February 1999 has the 22 year old shoots himself police officer Sylvia Brown with their service weapon. The reason for bullying. She felt bullied by their official leaders, humiliated and sexually harassed.

>> I can not help otherwise. I do not trust me any more to Munich, I did not feel like me from mentioning to be tormented. <<Said the young woman who could not even call the police for help – their Torturer policemen were. And the woman in distress her colleague. Bullying and contempt toward women as normal people in everyday working life of men in uniform? Tina Solimann reported.
Alarm to the police – perpetrators and victims come from their own ranks.
On 14 February this year, directs the 22 year-old Silvia Braun their service on a BMW car park on the A8 motorway, near Augsburg, and shoots herself with her service weapon, the deadly bullet in the head.
4 years long, the police chief champion was thrilled with her dream job, had top grades, was popular with his colleagues, until she was transferred in December last year at the Munich Politzeiinspektion 14th The dream job became a nightmare. Silvia Brown felt that their service team leader bullied, humiliated and sexually harassed. (6)

And what it means to be bullied and sexually harassed, it says Birgit Wiese, eight years old when the Berlin police, and 30 years at the time of interview, 1997.

>>„I had quite a good mood, went to this car and I was then asked by a colleague: Man, you’re so radiant, man, gave you last night pretty well fucked your age?
… Then the men began to make sexual assault in my direction, so take time to his chest, sometimes take on the behind. „
„… So I have slept on that commitment, there was also a bed since the night three men have stood in my room, which then meant I could now get up so, they would now have a little fun with me, and I then, because I was really afraid to sleep the rest of the time with a loaded pistol under his pillow. „

The Harassment are becoming more massive – The dream job becomes a nightmare.
Birgit „So to me it is so gone that I’ve got some dreams, and in those dreams I could dream of nothing else than that I’m up went to the armory, I got myself a gun and that I am in this dream with this weapon, my entire male colleagues had shot. „

Birgit „I suddenly heard very loud shouting and clapping. I turned around, and there stood this Mitausbilder with lowered pants in front of me in the door.“
„I’ve become bright red, because I can still remember it.“
„And then I had the feeling for me a world collapses. I have humbled me mad and felt incredibly insulted that no one understands what that means, placed in such a situation.“
„… This incident has caused me so much that I thought, now You get yourself a gun, half of them in the head and you’re killing yourself.“
„… For me it was easy to endure no more..“ (7)

Working conditions that were not only Birgit or Silvia doom, but also two other young women in the police service.

„Silvia Brown was only 22 years old when they were …. shot. A month later, consisted of the 20-year-old police officer Nina Dreisbach Neuss (8), the service weapon to his head and pulled the trigger. The policewoman Alexandra Richter shot himself. Three young female police officers who saw no other way, with bullying and sexual harassment to be done.
Emergency calls from Germany’s police stations – to this day does not belong „(6)

But back to the current harassment cases in Berlin, despite the preventive measures from 1997 to 1999 could not be prevented by the Senate and the Chief of Police. If you tuned the concept too little attention to all the police officers?

Here again the history of the concept of a technical college. „The Berlin police have increased as a result of allegations of increasing numbers of cases, the preventive measures against bullying. Last year, the State Police Academy conducted a total of 168 events. Some 2,300 police officers attended the training.

Currently being developed at the College of Administration and Legal A three-semester project on bullying, which, from police chief Saberschinsky explicit support provided, including interviews in the police „. (9)

„The Commission had at the beginning of its work to clarify which definition of bullying to

Will be wearing. She was busy so early in their work especially with the substantive discussion of the concept of bullying. There was agreement on the concept of bullying is not unqualified to apply to a variety of conflicts.

In particular, the rather static view of Leymann and the dynamic view of NEUBERGER been widely discussed, debated and interrelated „. (10)

In the case of the two suicides of police officers from the Police Section 35 in the street in Wedding Oudenarder has not grasped the concept well. But we must also subscribe to an objective clarification of doubt, if the process in the case of Stefanie L. (5) analyzed. And if you google it to an article, which is called „Bullying-Accusations in a Einsatzhundertschaft – Investigations „.... and then conclude. (11)

With education and prevention has not done well, right? What stood in the article is about the dedication was in the Wedding? Questions, questions, if you look at the high number of suicides in the Berlin police. Who wants to hide something?

And yet such a case in the supplement in the vicinity of Berlin’s security operation. „A German policeman committed suicide at the U.S. Embassy’s life. The motives are unclear. (12

After reviewing and compiling the items for this essay is to me not so good. I do not know, I will not get rid of the impression that we here in Germany most perpetrators must be to make a living. As a victim you are really particular bullying already dead, whether you survive the ordeal, or you miss a ball. (13)











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Chief Announces Mobberin

22. Januar 2010

Normally, employees are being harassed, bullied, and then terminated, whether they be deposit tokens, ravioli, or the leftovers from the famous hamburger. Judges too often go to such cases, blue-eyed, without being aware that is the fiduciary duty of the operator. The IHT has published one intressanter and important items with sample sentence. (1)

„Lawyers always strict comparison to what it would be if someone as Private would make a guest at another private citizen something, we should recognize the wrongness. Really? Courtesy must be asked, of course. But which one would deny host one chewed hamburger, a cell phone charging or cardboard from the garbage? Quite apart from the fact that many bosses are fleeting deer, constantly on the move and always much more important things in my head as a small concerns of employees.

Often, companies only have to look carefully or ask colleagues and views would find proper grounds for termination. The Land Schleswig Holstein has certainly recently, a company like peace-securable case: Who offended colleagues and perhaps even attacked, the company must jump extraordinarily termination. Only because the boss has a duty of care, which requires that he insults and harassment from other employees protect their colleagues. „(1)

The verdict 3 Sa 224/09, 2 Approximately 84 D/09 ArbG Munster meant that the bakery shop assistant for several Insults of students could be terminated without notice. The court thus confirmed the fact that a chief caring isWhen a Mobberin immediately announced. The verdict is welcome, and protects the victims against bullies.


Sedika Weingartner, manager at Siemens was bullied for 7 years

21. Januar 2010

Outcry in the country of work

And managers are subject to the same „anti-social and violent methods“ of bullying perpetrators as we all do. That was bound to the native Afghani Sedika experienced gardener at Siemens.

„Fecal and abdominal linguistic style: complex words, which takes Sedika tenants from Nuremberg, often in the mouth. Distinguished euphemisms for nasty insults at their workplace: seven years she was there as a woman and a foreigner discriminated been. „(1)

„But what has really happened in the Siemens headquarters in Nuremberg Vogelweiherstraße 2002 to 2009? >> As another woman to take over my job, I was made by two of my superiors systematically done <<says gardener who is married to the Nuremberg art historian Helge tenants. They had excluded her from meetings, fobbed off with an old PC, put in a small office and covered with an excessive amount of work. For tenants forms of subtle violence „. (1)

And when, after a baby break at the „messy place“ comes back, it is erstmal to the point, as befits by managers of Siemens as well. „Accusations have to get it, words like Filth and slovenliness were often killed. „(1)

„Your boss – an underexposed Women and foreigners who hate„It was probably active when Sedika tenants fight begins, as so often with bullying victims with a good portion of anger. Then probably followed the termination with severance offer. But the manager defends itself and turns on lawyers.

„In the Weingärtner application is the talk of“ personal rights violations in the form of Discrimination, harassment and discrimination. Klaus Michael Alenfelder has set up the action. He is Professor of Business Law and Director of the Center for Labor and anti-discrimination law at the University of Northern Hesse and has calculated the amount at stake today. “ (2)

One problem will be that „at Siemens. … Bullying is defined extremely hard (is), states that workers‘ representatives. Arbeitnehmervertetern the time was training in the country of their recommended Vostandsvorsitzenden quencher, because in Austria it has long been light-years more than for a global company like Siemens, who is known worldwide fame gained by his corrupt practices, despite Participation and IG Metall. That would give me time to think as an employee Representation, perhaps it is due to the inability of the councils that bullying has become an area type disease in Germany (3).

In Austria, there is now for the public service, to a ban on bullying, which is regulated by law and bullying drin. For the IG-Metall times a model case, placing himself at the head of the anti-bullying movement, as the company continually praying some slogans like an ape by one.

Should recall here inexcusably let down only in the case, Patta, IG Metall Wolfsburg Autostadt and Detlef Lengsfeld, best-known victim of bullying Autostadt and the IG Metall union as well as Rainer Beutler, Milan Petrovic, and so many other victims of bullying at VW fared.

One can only hope, in the case Sedika tenants that their perseverance is rewarded, and bullying victims set for us a breakpoint when it comes to compensation. „The procedure consists of three parts: Weingartner defends himself against the dismissal. She wants to get their salaries paid subsequently. And she wants a salary of „not less than 1.3 million euros.“ That adds up to about two million. The success is open. The tribunal, chaired by Armin Frolich wishes that the two sides until mid-March to try once an amicable agreement. „(4)





Mobbing at work

4. Dezember 2009

Aufschrei im Land der Arbeit

Auf dieser Seite der EU – Mobbing at work – findet man laufend neue Untersuchungen, Berichte und grundsätzliche Ansichten der Europolitiker zu Mobbing. Interessant dabei ist, dass sich alle auch noch im Jahr 2009 an der Arbeit von Leymann orientieren, die ein Meilenstein in der systematischen Bekämpfung von Mobbing darstellt. Leider gibt es bis heute fast keinen Wissenschaftler mehr, der diese Reichweite in seiner Arbeit erreicht.

Swedish psychologist Heinz Leymann was the first to use the English term ‘mobbing’ to describe hostile behavior by employees in the workplace, a term used in the early 1970s by a Swedish physician to describe hostile behavior observed among schoolchildren“.(1)

Aber auch nach Jahrzehnten konnte man sich selbst  in Europa nicht auf den Begriff „Mobbing“ als zentrale Beschreibung für Schikanen, Ausgrenzung, Bespitzelung, Beleidigung, Erpresseung und Psychterror am Arbeitsplatz und in der Schule einigen, das Thema Bürgermobbing fehlt gänzlich.

“ In most European countries the term mobbing is used. In English-speaking countries, such hostile behaviour at work is called ‘bullying’. Other terms used are moral harassment, victimisation and psychological terror“.(1)

Man kann nur hoffen, dass hier schnell und nachhaltig von der EU nachgesteuert wird und endlich auch ein europäischer Ombudsmann für Mobbing mit weitreichenden Handlungsbefugnissen installiert wird. Denn Mobbing ist nichts anderes als die Außerkraftsetzung grundsätzlicher Menschenrechte.


Der Amoklauf des US-Major und Mobbingopfers Nidal Malik Hasan

7. November 2009

Auch heute gibt es sehr unterschiedliche Informationen zu den Beweggründen, warum der 39 jährige US-Bürger und Moslem Nidal Malik Hasan 13 seiner Kameraden erschossen und mehrere Duzend verletzt hat. Dabei ist auffällig, wie die deutsche Presse im Gegensatz zur ausländischen mit den möglichen Motiven des Amokläufers umgeht.

Der zurzeit beste journalistische Beitrag ist in der NZZ erschienen. >> Eine weitere Belastung für Hasan war offenbar, schon weiter zurückliegend, Mobbing in der Truppe: «Er war betroffen von Belästigung (harassment) durch einige seiner Militär-Kollegen», sagt der Cousin. Er habe deswegen einen Anwalt genommen und versucht, ganz von der Armee loszukommen. Er habe alles versucht, aus dieser Lage herauszukommen – offenbar erfolglos„. (1) Die Prozessunterlagen und Stellungnahme des Anwaltes dürfte von erheblichem Interesse sein, auch warum die US-Armee mit Mobbing-Opfern nicht umzugehen weiß, was sich wohl nach dem Amoklauf ändern dürfte.

Der Schrei

Der Schrei

>> Offenbar fürchtete Hasan eine Versetzung in den Irak oder nach Afghanistan nicht darum besonders, weil er ein Muslim war. Der Cousin erwähnt ein solches Motiv jedenfalls nicht. Vielmehr unterstreicht er, dass Hasan in den USA geboren wurde, und dass schon seine beiden Eltern Amerikaner waren. Er sei gleich nach der High School zur Armee gegangen. «Er war ein guter Amerikaner», sagt der Cousin – in der Vergangenheitsform.<< Offensichtlich ist der Amokläufer schon für Tod erklärt worden, niemand in den USA wird sich für seinen Geschichte mehr interessieren. (1)

>> Der mutmaßlich bisher blutigste Amoklauf auf einem US-Stützpunkt löste im ganzen Land Entsetzen aus. US-Präsident Barack Obama sprach von einem „schrecklichen Gewaltausbruch“ und drückte den Angehörigen sein Beileid aus. Es sei schwierig genug, dass US-Soldaten bei Kämpfen im Ausland ums Leben kämen. „Es ist schrecklich, dass sie hier auf einem Stützpunkt auf amerikanischem Boden unter Beschuss kommen“, sagte Obama. <<(2)  Solche Artikel, wie der im Hamburger Abendblatt sind typsich für die deutsche Hofberichterstattung vieler Journalisten bei uns, denn Fragen werden nicht gestellt oder Widersprüche aufgezeigt. Und auch Obama unterlässt es wohl, eine sachliche und fundierte Aufklärung zu fordern, was man als Enttäuschung bezeichnen kann, wenn man bedenkt, dass der US-Präsident Anwalt war.

>>Noch am Abend der Tat meldet sich beim Nachrichtensender Fox News Hasans Vetter Nadar zu Wort, zeigt sich im Namen der erweiterten Familie – die Eltern Hasans sind beide vor Jahren verstorben – „bestürzt und traurig“ über die Bluttat. Hasan sei „ein guter Amerikaner“, sagt Nadar, der Cousin habe seit Jahren vergeblich versucht, wegen fortgesetzter Beschimpfungen durch Kameraden wegen seines muslimischen Glaubens die vorzeitige Entlassung aus dem Heer zu erreichen. Vom Imam Faisal Khan an der Moschee in Silver Spring nahe Washington, die Hasan während seiner Zeit am Walter-Reed-Hospital frequentierte, ist zu erfahren, Hasan habe oft mit ihm über den Wunsch gesprochen, eine Frau zu finden und eine Familie zu gründen.<< (3)

Diese Art von genital- oder sexortientiertem Journalismus im Zusammenhang ist schon im Fall des Amokläufers Tim K. auffällig, das Wort Mobbing wird gemieden wie die „Pest“. Warum wohl? (4)

Wir werden sehen, ob es wenigtsens in den USA möglich sein wird, im Fall Nidal Malik die ganze Wahrheit zu erfahren, insbesondere seine Mobbinggeschichte.

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