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The system „fear, terror and harassment“ at foot-discounter ALDI

13. April 2010

„Tanslated automatically by Google“

ALDI is considered the employer who also pays well, as long as you can just not recalculated and is much liked. The working atmosphere is to be miserable, or so complain behind their hands, many employees, it has long been the „fear system, and bullying Schiakne degenerate.

It uses an ALDI system in which even before the private lives of employees is not spared. Since October 2009, we know from the case, „Romy Büssow“ how it really goes with ALDI and what the discounter to „work environment“ means.

„The company is just as miserable with his employees at such other discounters also accounted for the 37-year-old Romy Büssow. It deficits can only get better conceal. ‚(1) Lamination is spreading fear and bullying, as simple as that in Germany today.

„Büssow sued her former employer. It (is) to allegations of unpaid overtime and firmengelenkter Works, vexatious pressure and even Denounced by colleagues. Her story is similar to other cases „. Therefore saith the „Kieler employment lawyer and attorney Büssows Eckhard Harbs“ of a System of fear and terror, With the acquiescence of the works at Aldi there exists (1).

„The Aldi Employees Tina Engel confirms that just as the case Kommissionskontrolleurin from Berlin, she was forced in April (2009) to a termination agreement otherwise, the matter would be governed by several warnings.“ She had a relationship with an ALDI employees and was „repeatedly called to separate from him“ because it affects their ability to concentrate. (1)

And our labor law to this flood of „heteronomous self dismissals, termination agreements, harassment and attacks flood warning no answer. The victims are therefore only on the run, and the one who remains behind, which can work out when it is your turn.

They wanted to know about Tina Engel also, which again referred to the firmengelenkter Works was „whether her partner would stand for the next council elections.“ (1) As one say it, at ALDI not know we know. You look well in the house like ALDI in the bedroom of the employee, what is called a „work-voyeurism“ and „Big Brother is always watching you.

And if the „good wages“ to the provided working resolves, then you see a system of „embezzlement of pay“, in which the overtime is not calculated. Officially, there are said to be the collective work, but in reality you work „13, 14 hours“ per day through „because personnel is missing, and we keep the shops open by hook or by crook,“ and at the expense of employees, social security and the law on „health“. Simple as it is with the union contracts, one can safely bend and throw in the rubbish bin, so why are our politicians on it Sun

My office in germany 2010

In the case of Romy Büssow it came to a further escalation, namely when she was „sick leave due to a hand injury for some time.“ Since then the end was funny with the doctor advised to „operation, since the thumb and index finger were numb already. (1)

„As Büssows district manager found out, he was on the phone become very loud – Howler orgies (2) are now a standard repertoire of so-called leaders * – „and I have no sympathy for my illness and pain shown. Though it up Year on sick leave was that it had at times almost worked full-time …. * Recorded was their working hours, however. If someone ask, they should explain that it was only by chance in the shop, said her district manager „(1)

Over all, the same pattern as „Büssow complained, harassment had begun,“ and that meant then, a warning because the point of sale to leave around 16:00 clock, „without violating the pollution of the garbage cart assembly station and the entrance to proceed.“ (1)

In the next warning, it was said that the „presentation of the display case was not directed, to list and finally meticulously each tomato and peppers, which was found not in salable condition“ (1)

Someone we missing, 2010

Such series of warnings are now common and standard repertoire, many companies especially in the east have the „warning system“ designed for you that one of the VEB’s known and been worn by many ex-Stasi men in the company. Frightening what’s going on there, and because many still speak of „work climate“, Working disaster would be more appropriate.

And then the final countdown with the support of the council. „On 7 February says Büssow, they have bizarre visit . Get Three of their superiors had brought with her on a notepad a Voluntary quit dictated. It was not until the next day was clear to her what she had done. They withdrew and informed the works council. But did not react and instead sent her the mandatory consultation form of the Board, that the operation is now in a Ordinary termination had converted.

Managing Buttkus said: Büssow woman was offered to avoid employer-termination a Complete termination agreement. For all surprising, however, has its Büssow Voluntary quit written. The council made a request of Nortorf SPIEGEL unanswered„. (1)

What can I say yet, except that now the system fear, bullying and harassment „has long become a reality. And who defends himself, which is made ready, as simple as that, is unassailable, despite the Basic Law and Article 1, the dignity of man. And the harassment of some not with a dismissal or harassment complaint, snares up in the courtroom today is no exception, more. Only then where the GG is still in our country? Do you know an area other than the „wellness paradise Parliament?

1), 1518,657735,00. html


* For the Post to set up this howler orgies in training the officials of the higher civil service for decades, the employee should therefore be encouraged to insults. The talks were to first quietly, then began the manager like a madman (many were and are there to shout too). It reflected the methods of the Gestapo and the Stasi and was even proud of it, in 2010, just as in 2009.

In some branches of the post you have today instructed all the „workforce of human resources departments with“ sanctions „and leads them equally in their job description.

As always, if at ALDI – they are often works of pseudo-union Association member Independent operation (AUB) to or from the post – Works include mostly Ver.di – Specifies the works are mostly firmengelenkt that may leave early at the post home, and regularly receive „special allowances and other benefits. So easy to buy now „good pleasure of a trade unionist.