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Bullying is in the hospital everyday

30. Dezember 2009

The current harassment cases in the hospitals are just a small glimpse into the war in and around the workplace, which is probably in our health care system has become a kind of „medical disease“.

Whether it is the two hospital doctors from Magdeburg, against „because of (alleged) suicide“ (1) running a process, because in the course „ proven innocence “ an acquittal was made. However, the court noted, that at the clinic „a Atmosphere of resentment and bullying “ still dominates, which made such unfounded accusations against the two doctors possible.

Or in the case of the Frankfurt nurse, because of „dangerous bodily harm „against a colleague, and probably more patients on trial. Their actions with the „poor working environment and bullying actions at the station“ justified. (2)

But the case of the bullied senior consultant, who had to complain about three instances in order to be recognized as victims of bullying, only show the victims of atrocities now have to endure even in such an important area of public health (3).

And if you find it still respected the efforts of our neighbors in Vienna, then you have, for many hospitals are there already far too busy „Bullying institutions perish.“ And then allowed us citizens as a hospital patient but not much more surprised if even violence as a bullying attack in the health sector is commonplace. (4)

What really makes our new health minister, Share umwogene and easy-care „flyers“ (5) Dr. Philipp Rösler, who has looked the other way even as a Minister in Lower Saxony at VW and its Mobbinopfer? He is silent, as all politicians do, why?

The Ärzteblatt least understood this as early as 2001 that it is probably already five past twelve, and has in an important article titled „Bullying in the hospital with abdominal pain for the service“ (6).

>> More and more doctors are suffering from a poor working environment in the hospital. It affects not only junior doctors, but also older senior physicians.
„I’ve done it. I could take my leave from the hospital and know that I never want to be active in the hospital. „This is now writing a practitioner of Internal Medicine, the long years under working conditions suffered in the hospital. <<(6)

And that then suffers a health system in an explosion in costs may also be surprised any more. As no a la capitation helps flyers Rösler and party, because you have to combat bullying in that it provides the legislative basis to protect the victims, the perpetrators of criminal action and the total damage for both the victims and for the solidarity with the bully must be eligible for reimbursement.





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