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System in the Hessian Police Harassment

27. Januar 2010

You can twist and turn as you want, in the Hesse state government, the „combo CDU Koch and Co.AG seems bully“ too, so expect the stuff. Whether in the case of tax investigators from the tax office Frankfurt / V with the convenience opinion in which the finance minister of Weimar is under suspicion of bullying, as well as in the case of senior officials or in the case Elnain Jürgen Rauh, in which the Environment secretary Rita Thies (CDU), Susanne Elnain systematically bullied and has is now before the court, shows the system-bullying in all clarity.

The case Brender by ZDF and the role of the Prime Minister Koch is a further reflection of a system of bullying within the state government in Hesse, which is dominated by the CDU.

And now the bullying allegations against the Hesse’s Interior Minister Bouffier and Country’s police chief Norbert NedelaWhich seems to have developed in dealing with officials of the police, a system in which it came, „sometimes have problems with the recognition of service is an accident.“ (1)

This kind of reprisals on the system of bullying Combo CDU-Chef has led officials to the fact that they have to be afraid, „if they Addressing grievances.

It discourages bullying in the system also questionable and not before AIDS test illegal (2) back, which is probably the crown of the insolence and you ask yourself, what does the CDU in Hesse the Dignity and Fiduciary duty a manager?

„Several officers complained to unjust disciplinary procedures and questionable medical reports. A police officer reported that his Blood for HIV infection had been testedWithout his knowing it. „(2)

The aim of the system of bullying Combo CDU cook it well, „….. the responsibility of the Minister of Interior critical officials muzzled„To do so, then what the Gulag Archipelago principle would be sufficient to bear. The view is from the Green party and brought derLINKEN against the government and probably rightfully so.

And like the case of tax investigators from the tax office Frankfurt V in turn also appear questionable advice. For example, in the case of police officers watch. „The Frankfurter Rundschau and the Hessischer Rundfunk had about the case of Police officer Dirk Lauer reported. This was 1996 at the Arrest a suspect at the Frankfurt train station injured – And by extension Course of critically ill. Than Accident Service did not recognize the authority of the incident, however. After Lauer had resisted, he became a Neurologists sent to him quarrelsome and querulous behavior certified. Lauer’s an action against the State of Hesse was now partially successful: of the Administrative Court of Darmstadt appointed experts led Lauer Health problems to injury suffered in the service back.

Bouffier told the committee that Lauer had not been transferred against his will to retire. He had wanted to leave the service. When he had become aware, however, the fact that he is receiving less pension payments he had taken the legal way.

That’s not true, „said Lauer of the FR. The minister did not tell the truth. I was due to the accident no longer able to service and have written three times before the court action to Bouffier. But the Minister had not responded. Lauer is according to its own data with a large number of policemen in contact, which happened to like. The officials speak of a bullying within the police system. „(2)

So again, as a neurologist who has mastered the principle of the Gulag Archipelago, quarrelsome and querulous behavior it is called today, if you do not defend themselves and can be completed. The neurologist should represent his views and submit the training report. It would be of interest if he quarrelsome with the three letters to the Interior Minister said, or the right of an official, if he defends himself in court.

It is also asking why the Home Secretary has not answered the letters, it was then missing arguments and that we actually should be lurking right, they would be considerate of superior performance. Even frightening what is happening in Hesse in Koch, an illegal AIDS test, should Prime Minister cooking times Mr Westerwelle conceive of the FDP, the conversation should then be broadcast live on television. e2% 80% 9esystem mobbing-% e2% 80% 9coder-as-working-the-Hessian-archipel-gulag /

1) https: / /


Health Minister Rösler, FDP, mobbing Institute Director Peter Sawicki

23. Januar 2010


The new health minister Roesler comes from the government Wulff (CDU) in Lower Saxony. There, he has probably learned how to cope abzockt and people make, so mobbing. Should recall here only on the harassment case Detlef Lengsfeld of the Autostadt.

Now Wulff (CDU) has about Air Berlin on Christmas erstmal pockets stuffed full and feels great while as a Christian. (1)

And Rösler (FDP) will now get hold after the FDP on the DKV a group rate for their members, so that „liberals“ have to pay less in health insurance contributions than the citizens, the pharmaceutical lobby, a disservice to his show. The motto is clear, you stuff the pockets full pay to the public must be stupid, what we do not want to pay for sea gulls and politicians Pickler (2)

Let him pay for the citizen

None of the other parliamentary parties have made such a deal, there has been supposed moral concerns, which it already exists in the FDP much longer.

And a deal has Rösler, doctor, Health Minister and FDP signed flagship foreigners, namely with PKV Vice-Director, Christian Weber and pharmaceutical lobbyist. It now represents directly as a lobbyist in the pharmaceutical industry’s interests in the Ministry of Health and Department for fundamental questions about this. (3)

And Weber and Roesler have vorgeknüpft times are equal to Peter Sawicki, director of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, which is the pharmaceutical industry for years been a thorn in the side because his advice has saved us a lot of health insurance costs, and pharmaceutical bosses, however, cost a lot of profits has. Such a man has to go, and that makes it the best by pure bullying, character assassination is always a favorite means of the perpetrators.

So it was clear Sawicki gotta go and quick. It has also claimed that Sawicki had made false travel expense claims, but did not this would prove a new brand of Möwenpickregierung well. And now Sawicki is weggemobbt and must prove his innocence over a year long legal battle, which we know bullying victim was only too well.

I fly with Air Berlin.

Rösler and Weber now live without Sawicki pill in Paradise, Wulff may remain unchecked despite proven false invoices for U.S. flights Prime Minister and Peter Sawicki as victims of bullying must now defend in court his dignity.

And in the Mövenpick government Merkel / Westerwelle it now looks forward to the donations from the pharmaceutical industry and we are equal citizens may even pay more contributions to the pharmaceutical health care prey. What kind of democracy a la Möwenpicklobbyismus because only one can say. And as one for t Physician named RöslerWho besmirched the dignity of people and jeopardizing his health with bullying? Before Fiduciary duty Roesler has never heard anything, right?




Chief Announces Mobberin

22. Januar 2010

Normally, employees are being harassed, bullied, and then terminated, whether they be deposit tokens, ravioli, or the leftovers from the famous hamburger. Judges too often go to such cases, blue-eyed, without being aware that is the fiduciary duty of the operator. The IHT has published one intressanter and important items with sample sentence. (1)

„Lawyers always strict comparison to what it would be if someone as Private would make a guest at another private citizen something, we should recognize the wrongness. Really? Courtesy must be asked, of course. But which one would deny host one chewed hamburger, a cell phone charging or cardboard from the garbage? Quite apart from the fact that many bosses are fleeting deer, constantly on the move and always much more important things in my head as a small concerns of employees.

Often, companies only have to look carefully or ask colleagues and views would find proper grounds for termination. The Land Schleswig Holstein has certainly recently, a company like peace-securable case: Who offended colleagues and perhaps even attacked, the company must jump extraordinarily termination. Only because the boss has a duty of care, which requires that he insults and harassment from other employees protect their colleagues. „(1)

The verdict 3 Sa 224/09, 2 Approximately 84 D/09 ArbG Munster meant that the bakery shop assistant for several Insults of students could be terminated without notice. The court thus confirmed the fact that a chief caring isWhen a Mobberin immediately announced. The verdict is welcome, and protects the victims against bullies.


Jessica Lenzen, 13 years, victims of bullying, was beaten

25. Dezember 2009

Without Words

To finish with what brutality and hatred today, students and fellow classmates, shows the case of the 13-year-old Jessica Lenzen from Cologne.

>> But moves as the only parent (mother) for professional reasons, with Jessica and her brother Bergneustadt to Porz, begins for the girl even sadder times. „Already the first impression was really bad,“ recalls the teenager on her debut. „Because I have otherwise been sitting there, legs apart, they have insulted me.“ As a „loser“ it was called, „because I do not smoke or kiffe. Two guys are the spokesmen. Then Jessica kicks taken in the back. The perpetrators were mentioned – it – lied to the teacher so that „I got the anger.“ Why should they have done that? Jessica suggested, „because I was new and had no ideal proportions.“ <<(1)

And Jessica lived at a school deustche hell showed her subsequent behavior. According to the daily beatings she was going there anymore.

>> Increasingly, Jessica is secretly at home. „There was not a day where I did not get a beating.“ They harassed and insulted. When she tinkers a sheep, it will be spat upon and destroyed. „Everybody hated me. That was normal. „Your absences are piling up. <<(1)

What they should have done it. Help with the teachings and the so-called social worker was denied. A scandal, which shows that so etwsas as the fiduciary duty of the school and teaching is probably no longer applies.

>> At the school, the teachers claimed to have respect and fairness the same importance. There is one Arbiters Program. The motto is: „Teachers do not turn on. There are no penalties. There are neither winners nor losers. „For conflicts among older students from grade 8 will be offered mediation. For many, this is a help. For Jessica, it was not. „The Social Worker has only talked, but nothing done. „Even a short stay in a child and adolescent psychiatry did not help her. Jessica wants to talk anymore. „I just wanted out of there.“ <<

Respect and fairness, what have these teachings only for a moral and values representation? And what does the school office made famous drink except coffee and stick their heads in the sand? Teachers do not turn on, that is, they do not take their duty of care was.

Luckily, Jessica had a mother fought for her daughter. „After more than five months of physical and psychological attacks Daniela shows Lenzen the classmates of her daughter to have recently defeated in bodily harm. After a tough begging her mother a (different) high school girl takes up despite recording end. Jessica makes learning fun again today. But recently, they saw their tormentors in the S-Bahn. The fear remains. „(1)

Yes, keep the anxiety and the risk of bullying werdenm, probably a lifetime. Eventually, Jessica will be leaving the school and then? Will it once again encounter a bullying perpetrators and the fear is a storm to a hurricane, and then?