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Leadership in the enterprise is to know bullying

24. Februar 2010

In the case of Bilfinger be analyzed up to date, there are probably hundreds of people know what they have done some dozens of „criminals“ in accordance with the principle of „VEB east building“, but that is easily installed material not sold off further . A system in the GDR has a private dacha construction boom allows, for example.

„After evidence of Bungling in the construction of the ICE and Cologne subway line in Bavaria, the Group is now so concerned irregularities in the metro construction in Dusseldorf, Bilfinger as announced on Tuesday. The authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia to worry now, according to a newspaper report about the safety of numerous other buildings. (1)

And the Swiss case, the whistleblower who will give the German government information on tax criminals, they insulted, held up as a criminal, while the German state, we benefited a parasite from the behavior of these courageous whistleblowers, their professional existence for ever and usually give up their home and citizenship can hang on a nail, clearly shows. Talk only if you have protected yourself from all sides.

Apparently it is now recognized in businesses that front the „silence or ignorance of“ tackle more and more and try it. Thus Prof. Heinz Bartsch of the University of Rostock has developed a remarkable speech, which is directed at managers in organizations.

The title really brings everything to express what it is today more and more in the direction of a company goes Bullying and leadership in organizations. Unfortunately, a time information is not available on the release of this talk on the Internet. But its contents are probably now more than ever.

Bartsch rightly notes, bullying is becoming Increasingly the main burden of personnel in the very expensive running a business.

„By increasing information about bullying – cases from almost all areas of Society and its very negative human and economic effects, is also the societal interest in growing.

Since bullying is very complex, it is no longer sufficient, this Solely The problem from the viewpoint of occupational medicine and psychology to question. For this should be in the future, especially the economics and business, the human resources management, organizational science, law and not least, the labor and social sciences contribute.

From the perspective of human resources was raised as an indicator of a workplace bullying deficient communication, unresolved conflicts and management shortcomings represent. (2)

Even the threat of future shortage of skilled workers in many companies increase the pressure on them to happiness, to defend themselves vigorously in all areas against bullying. Companies, the reputation of bullying institutions will receive in the future I go down a third-or fourth-class and often corrupt staff, see the case Bilfinger.

Hence Bartsch has rightly identified the areas to be tackled in the future, where and by whom bullying has, namely, „the economics and business, the human resources management, organizational science, law and not least, the labor and social sciences. And he is recognized, in contrast to the naivete of the judiciary, the bullying will still notice nothing as a legal concept that „so complex as to constitute harassment, as well as its complex effects. (2)

A fact the well known Prof. Bartsch has quit and his lecture and presentation can. Of course there are the Legislature Requirements, the emergence of bullying Define existing or prevent bullying and to punish.

How difficult it is, however, evidence in court for harassment To obtain has already been suggested. It is worth noting also the fact that so far most of the trial for bullying is not favorable for the plaintiff have been granted. (2) and (3)

Bullying victims are receiving much less in the future, less of the judiciary, trade union and political support, as much more by business and guidance forces to carry out their duty of care as it has at last once thought of the legislator. But this generation of lawyers and politicians, in their lives, the mob of Nazis and the Stasi are extinct have experienced. (4)



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