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Bullying in the Birthler authority?

9. November 2010

Kurras case: Labour Court has criticized the action against renowned researchers Stasi Records Authority

In the small meeting room 115 of the Labour Court on the Magdeburger Platz Berlin, the air was unusually stuffy. Reason: the process that took place yesterday morning, followed, two dozen interested parties. All seats are occupied. Defendant is the Federal Republic of Germany – in the form of Marianne Birthler, the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi files. The dispute involves explosive. It is about the sensational discovery of the West Berlin police Kurras who had shot the 1967 student Benno Ohnesorg and two years ago as a Stasi IM discovered. For the Birthler authority that was a real coup. But instead of praise for the revelations, there was a warning for authorities researcher Helmut Müller-Enbergs. He accuses the authorities of fraud tip of the publication of an article about it was just not sufficiently informed. Other hand, complained of the internationally recognized scientists. 

All the excitement of this history is incomprehensible to us, said the judge. In unusually strong words, they criticized the authority. In the warning allegations, evidence and speculation had been described as a fact that should justify the charge. But that Mueller had deceived the authorities Enbergs line, any evidence the defendant had been guilty. However, the authority asked for reconsideration.

A judge sitting in the public bank shook his head and wondered about the appearance of Birthler representative. As an employee should be bullied, he said. He believes that the Federal Republic of Germany as a defendant yesterday made any good impression.(1)