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280 000 victims of bullying by Hartz IV

12. Januar 2010


It took a long struggle of victims and the support of the Constitutional Court to stop the nationwide 346 consortiums stop. Currently, „Hartz IV and Hartz Victims Entitled“ together by the Arbeitsgenturen (364 consortiums) and local care, And that has led to a flood of complaints and appeals against „280,000 Hartz IV decisions“ that had to be korrigeiert.

A number which can only frighten, when we consider Hartz IV is the last straw in the social decline of the citizens who have been excluded from their basic right to „free choice“ and keep it well in almost all cases.

The Federal Constitutional Court came to the conclusion that the consortiums are unconstitutional and create Mrs. von der Leyen, „until the end of the year,“ be the reorganization.

For „as a spokeswoman for the federal agency said the news agency DAPD, could be completed from January through November 2009 total of 766,700 contradictions. In 206,000 cases, the opposition was stakeholders throughout granted. In another 73,200 cases, the Hartz IV recipients had some success with their opposition. „(1) The social welfare clarifications mention was made before the lady no time for safety.

As you get into meditation.

And it has now also been observed by all victims of the agencies are added to the incompetence of Nuremberg as the cause of these social maladministration.

The basic charge for BA’s board member Heinrich Alt took the high number of incorrect decisions in an interview with Report Mainz to the difficult situation in the staff for the care of long-term unemployed relevant associations (ARGE) back:>> We have significant skills shortages which are exacerbated by a high staff turnover in our associations. <<The handling of the contradictions therefore lasted an average of just under three months. „(1)

A scandal in itself, considering that Hartz IV is for 5 years, the agencies for all work-holder will be there and then today, the staff still lacks the qualifications. Had they ever had the really?

I think it is missing the whole complex of Hartz IV, employment agencies and employees as well as the ladies and gentlemen in the executive chairs of the BA board simply the social and constitutional competence in general. The politicians in the Bundestag to take full responsibility, just as the BMAS (Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs), the full responsibility.