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Why is the boss more often and would like bullying?

14. April 2010

Mein Büro, oder wenn man am Arbeitsplatz bespitzelt wird.

The tendency that the boss will be happy to get rid of its employees with bullying increases. Bullying from the top is called the world of work. With the financial crisis and the restructuring of many companies, this trend has intensified. Austria and the bullying prohibition, France Telecom and other reports show that these methods are represented much of Europe today and it is high time that the EU imposes a uniform anti-bullying law.

At T-Online in business again, the methods of the bosses were clearly presented, unfortunately, but again and again to an 8-year-old report by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) which, how they work the issue is not fair, nor the BAUA in is able to make to create modern study on the subject. Where no will, there’s no way.

Bullying among colleagues is often psychological terror to the threat of death. „Since moldy foods are placed in foreign desk drawers, cars damaged willfully or unpopular employees to do this Prompted suicide„. (1)

Alone, „the production“ by bullying is „about 12.5 billion euros,“ be as affected by 100 employees and 3 are at 37 million people a figure of more than one million victims of bullying each year. Costs such as health and pension insurance and long forms of treatment are unfortunately not included in the report. The BAUA seems to be controlled here strange, as it is called in the system ALDI.

The trend is clear, however, the boss bullying more often, sometimes alone, sometimes together with the staff. The motto here is, all against one. „Nearly 40 percent of bullying cases is accounted for by superiors. And another ten percent of the chiefs get together even with our colleagues to make their life difficult bullying victims.

Someone ist missing

There is also a typical bully or perpetrator, he is between 35 and 54 years old, is for 60% of bullying cases, respectively, male and more than six years in operation. And bad managers and executives the typical and most dangerous bullies are from top to bottom. Often it is lack of physical and social skills, the heads of terrorists will be Psycho. ‚Weak leadership and low self-esteem „are the breeding ground for bullying attacks of the boss` s.

Dieter Zapf of the University of Frankfurt am Main, this is known as a reason for that mob boss „. (1) And this trend is increasing significantly, which argues against the selection of personnel managers and recruitment agencies, including the famous coaching can be laid to rest. Because social competence is in recruitment and coaching programs are not caught before, but the keeping of a central staff size.

And there are typical risk groups for Mobbbingattacken, these are „women, apprentices and mature“, which run faster than other groups of workers risk to be bullied, that they can without something in return. It is also interesting that social competence is not automatically available in the social professions, but rather the reverse, in the social professions is therefore very little about each other socially for how the dumplings case has shown.


Quite helpless, and the trend of the bureaucrats act against the advice of BAUA staff. So one should set rules in administrative notes. Why not in the Works Constitution Act, because bullying works like today, even though they are designed to protect workers, conceals the BAUA?

Makes no sense to claim the BAUA, „further corrective (on) an operating right of appeal to a reality“. Rather, the complaining, very often the next victim. The system is based ALDI’s just that someone will complain and then made it all properly done. And ALDI is everywhere in our country. (2)

You can read the brochures and publications from the „wellness paradise“ Federal Ministry of Labour or BAUA as you like, from left to right or right to left, a central point in the fight against bullying remains a criminally relevant law and the duty of prosecutors to  determine.  The duty of care is a central vertex and laws are passed in our Parliament and then you will be back at the politicians.


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Because the law prohibiting petty dismissals.

3. Januar 2010

The SPD, Greens and Left have now finally recognized one of the loopholes in labor law and want to act against the madness of Bagatellkündigungen, they should be banned.

In the so-called Bagatellkündigungen lawyers and judges working again terminate the contract without layoffs are due to „questionable theft offenses consent. Just the facts speak against this legal basis, because in neither case was a display in front of theft to the police.

Already own this contradicts the concerns of opponents of a ban on Bagatellkündigungen, because federal labor judge Schmidt had said in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, dismissals were for petty offenses, such as the consumption of a hamburger, or the theft of two Pfandbons, completely natural. Criticism is simply wrong. Theft and embezzlement of low-grade cases had a reason for dismissal for decades.

That something wrong and illegitimate practice for decades in Germany, is still no proof of the legality. The federal judge work as a representative of a fact not a single jurisdiction may submit to trial as evidence of their blanket claim of „theft.“ Obviously she does not know the Penal Code. And with bullying should FrauSchmidt after the bullying ban in Austria is also engaged once, maybe they recognize relationships. Miracles as happens repeatedly, even with the „gods in black“.

Here, the legislature must take action now and Labor Regulations by the „gods in black“ make clear, is charged, the accusation of theft, there must be a police investigation as proof. Otherwise, this is an insult and should in turn lead to a complaint by the court to clarify the charges of „theft“ and only then can a decision be made before an employment tribunal.

Ultimately, you can support the Greens and the SPD dieLINKE only, although supposedly there is a species from the gods in black, but only in Germany and not in the EU. (1)

„Judges generally are under special protection of species. Your opinion is – whether we like it or not. Scolding is considered bad manners, that few politicians dare to consider the legal opinion of the top law enforcement officials in doubt. But on Tuesday did not keep many of the label. >> Not to date <<, echauffiert the green law expert Jerzy Montag. <<A rather salient reality of life ‚,‘ Gesine Lötzsch diagnosed by the Link Group. >> There was perplexing <<, the SPD deputy Anette Kramme. „(2)

It can be seen already that German judges fear the European legislative level and above there will come a change in the law. One can only hope that soon a case like that of Emmely before the EU Court of Justice lands. From there, then Germany will have the obligation to adopt finally a labor law in which the dignity of the people against defamation, such as the theft will be protected.

Ms. Schmidt is mistaken, therefore, the EU has also called for the AGG and other laws of Germany and maintain. We are victims of bullying and harassment have, therefore, with the EU a strong partner by the hand, to the unspeakable legislation in Germany to push a bolt on. The era of „Gods in Black ‚is running out and we can only hope that soon judges speak from France, England or Holland, in Germany, right, then we have again the article 1 of the Basic Law as the number one rule of law put into effect and not destruction of life sentences because of the „consumption“ used ravioli „or alleged theft of deposit tokens.


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