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Environment secretary mobbing the Wiesbaden Rita Thies?

26. Dezember 2009

victim of bullying

four bullied Financial officials in Frankfurt have been – the case Wehner was only because of his views FOC advice Special mention – or the case of the SPD Spitzenkanditatin YpsilantiIt is being bullied on all fronts, particularly with an equal devotion, especially when officials are involved.

The latest Mobbingattcken have become known by the Wiesbaden Environment secretary Thies, as the boss‘ head of the allocated green office, Susanne Elnain has finished it. “ Now you can not sue people who can understand this as a normal person does not, but man / woman has complained to the city, though Theis is meant. Lawyers have created a world in which they often do not know myself more, where the emergency exit.

Susanne Elnain wants to „reach a labor … that any form of future Thies Discrimination and all Bully fails. It calls Pain at an appropriate level and wants to contract be employed. Because right now it had been withdrawn from the Tree. „(1)

It will be interesting to the process and the verdict, although it is likely that there will be a comparison, those who know our work judges. The shy judgments like the plague, because they do not like to work and they do not want to write, so the BAG calls constantly, Labor and LAG fact that there are courts and not a „fabric softener test stations or political debating.

victim of bullying

Back to the case, Rita Thies and Susanne Elnain. >> The Elnain instructed by attorney did not comment on the content of the application. Rita Thies also wanted to give personalrechtlichen questions no answers. However, they confirmed that Elnain is on sick leave since the summer. (The) accused (is)Bullying and choleric behavior. I understand that their illness will be the result OLAF’s internal strife. Elnain has evidently Council at the Association against psychosocial stress and bullying searched and throws before Thies choleric behavior.

In a anonymous letterWhich focuses on the application, the Chief Officer is the talk of Elnains successful ministry, which began in 2005 under the then responsible Minister; Petrer Grella (CDU), and that changed abruptly with the inauguration of Thies. The Chief Officer was „an unnecessary cost now,“ because environmental agency and Green Spaces should be amalgamated. <<(1)

One wonders, even in the case of Rita Thies, how someone can come up with so little social etiquette of such an important position and why the city of Wiesbaden is no ombudsman for bullying?