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Is there a system-bullying at the Berlin police?

18. Februar 2010

We know the system from Hesse-bullying in the context of the Government Koch. (1) And we know even in the case of the „young police officer from Munich, whose bullying case with suicide in the movie:“ Death is no evidence showing what happens to victims of bullying, if not taken against perpetrators. (2)

Now, a on 09.02.2010 in Berlin-Mitte taken in a police station a 49-year-old police chief superintendent’s life. (3) days before has a colleague of his also shot himself. Two cases show, something must be wrong here, because it smells but out for bullying.

And look, the study of the press report about the suicides of two police officers turns out that her boss had taken at times two policewomen to have life. Bianca Muller was probably the best known of them, because she has vehemently against bullying and because of their Intersexuality Has gained notoriety. Protect them from bullying attacks but has not. (3)

This is Bianca, in the case of suicide, a colleague of her, that would be yet another victim in the list of the Berlin police, made strong for the explanation of the background.

We look to the year 2000 and what the press wrote about this. „The 50 – year-old was immediately after his service on 3 Killed November (2000), „said the spokesperson of the organization, Bianca Müller in Berlin on Thursday. The Berlin police dismissed the allegations. The suicide was in no relation to official harassment. Criminal proceedings for libel against Muller had been initiated.

The policeman worked for the traffic control service, „said Muller. He had been married and leave with a child. A suicide note was not found. Employees the department since August this year had complained about bullying, „said Muller.“ (4) 

The bullying allegations have been disputed by the then interior minister and later the CDU in Brandenburg, Joerg Schonbohm. It is interesting that his boss was the same one who was also responsible as head of a young Berlin police officer who took his life in July 1997. Bianca Mueller, „the spokeswoman for the Association drew parallels to the case of a Berlin police officer who in July 1997 made life had Straubing in Bavaria. The official was working under the same supervisor. Allegations that she was bullied by colleagues been „. (3)

About a year later, a process was held at which the BZ wrote:

„Could disappear from their superiors bullying evidence?

Worst allegations against two senior employees of the police: they managed after the suicide of police champion Stefanie L. aside four years ago, explosive material? Since yesterday as defendants before the Amtsgericht Tiergarten: Peter N., 59, Head of Police social care, And his superiors Claudia S., 57, Chief of Polizeiärztlichen service. The charge: When the suicide of the suspicion of Stefanie L. Bullying was associated (BZ reported), to Peter N. have the consent of his superiors, p. records of the deceased summarily deposited with a notary, and thus dissipated. The tragic story of Stefanie L., which had shown a colleague and then allegedly mobbed as Nestbeschmutzerin was – they came to a head in April 1997 increased dramatically. Because of an alleged suicide attempt a SEC command stormed their apartment. Then Peter got nerve the envelope. In it, a long love letter of Stefanie L. at their Head of Service. And sensitive documents relating to misconduct in a criminal investigation. Peter N. to the judge: „The letter was a cry for help a person in crisis with great clinical significance.“ (5)

Women have it probably in the police particularly hard, which had also experienced Sylvia Brown, who shoots himself on Feb 14, 1999th „Women police officers driven to suicide – Sexual harassment and bullying in uniform. On 14 February 1999 has the 22 year old shoots himself police officer Sylvia Brown with their service weapon. The reason for bullying. She felt bullied by their official leaders, humiliated and sexually harassed.

>> I can not help otherwise. I do not trust me any more to Munich, I did not feel like me from mentioning to be tormented. <<Said the young woman who could not even call the police for help – their Torturer policemen were. And the woman in distress her colleague. Bullying and contempt toward women as normal people in everyday working life of men in uniform? Tina Solimann reported.
Alarm to the police – perpetrators and victims come from their own ranks.
On 14 February this year, directs the 22 year-old Silvia Braun their service on a BMW car park on the A8 motorway, near Augsburg, and shoots herself with her service weapon, the deadly bullet in the head.
4 years long, the police chief champion was thrilled with her dream job, had top grades, was popular with his colleagues, until she was transferred in December last year at the Munich Politzeiinspektion 14th The dream job became a nightmare. Silvia Brown felt that their service team leader bullied, humiliated and sexually harassed. (6)

And what it means to be bullied and sexually harassed, it says Birgit Wiese, eight years old when the Berlin police, and 30 years at the time of interview, 1997.

>>„I had quite a good mood, went to this car and I was then asked by a colleague: Man, you’re so radiant, man, gave you last night pretty well fucked your age?
… Then the men began to make sexual assault in my direction, so take time to his chest, sometimes take on the behind. „
„… So I have slept on that commitment, there was also a bed since the night three men have stood in my room, which then meant I could now get up so, they would now have a little fun with me, and I then, because I was really afraid to sleep the rest of the time with a loaded pistol under his pillow. „

The Harassment are becoming more massive – The dream job becomes a nightmare.
Birgit „So to me it is so gone that I’ve got some dreams, and in those dreams I could dream of nothing else than that I’m up went to the armory, I got myself a gun and that I am in this dream with this weapon, my entire male colleagues had shot. „

Birgit „I suddenly heard very loud shouting and clapping. I turned around, and there stood this Mitausbilder with lowered pants in front of me in the door.“
„I’ve become bright red, because I can still remember it.“
„And then I had the feeling for me a world collapses. I have humbled me mad and felt incredibly insulted that no one understands what that means, placed in such a situation.“
„… This incident has caused me so much that I thought, now You get yourself a gun, half of them in the head and you’re killing yourself.“
„… For me it was easy to endure no more..“ (7)

Working conditions that were not only Birgit or Silvia doom, but also two other young women in the police service.

„Silvia Brown was only 22 years old when they were …. shot. A month later, consisted of the 20-year-old police officer Nina Dreisbach Neuss (8), the service weapon to his head and pulled the trigger. The policewoman Alexandra Richter shot himself. Three young female police officers who saw no other way, with bullying and sexual harassment to be done.
Emergency calls from Germany’s police stations – to this day does not belong „(6)

But back to the current harassment cases in Berlin, despite the preventive measures from 1997 to 1999 could not be prevented by the Senate and the Chief of Police. If you tuned the concept too little attention to all the police officers?

Here again the history of the concept of a technical college. „The Berlin police have increased as a result of allegations of increasing numbers of cases, the preventive measures against bullying. Last year, the State Police Academy conducted a total of 168 events. Some 2,300 police officers attended the training.

Currently being developed at the College of Administration and Legal A three-semester project on bullying, which, from police chief Saberschinsky explicit support provided, including interviews in the police „. (9)

„The Commission had at the beginning of its work to clarify which definition of bullying to

Will be wearing. She was busy so early in their work especially with the substantive discussion of the concept of bullying. There was agreement on the concept of bullying is not unqualified to apply to a variety of conflicts.

In particular, the rather static view of Leymann and the dynamic view of NEUBERGER been widely discussed, debated and interrelated „. (10)

In the case of the two suicides of police officers from the Police Section 35 in the street in Wedding Oudenarder has not grasped the concept well. But we must also subscribe to an objective clarification of doubt, if the process in the case of Stefanie L. (5) analyzed. And if you google it to an article, which is called „Bullying-Accusations in a Einsatzhundertschaft – Investigations „.... and then conclude. (11)

With education and prevention has not done well, right? What stood in the article is about the dedication was in the Wedding? Questions, questions, if you look at the high number of suicides in the Berlin police. Who wants to hide something?

And yet such a case in the supplement in the vicinity of Berlin’s security operation. „A German policeman committed suicide at the U.S. Embassy’s life. The motives are unclear. (12

After reviewing and compiling the items for this essay is to me not so good. I do not know, I will not get rid of the impression that we here in Germany most perpetrators must be to make a living. As a victim you are really particular bullying already dead, whether you survive the ordeal, or you miss a ball. (13)











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The „system-bullying“ or as the Hessian works Gulag Archipelago

27. Januar 2010

The Steuerfahnderaffaire – What Has Happened to it? Part II or The Sonnnenseite the system „Gulag Archipelago“

Reward …

Even if it is worse in comparison with previous decisions> Peanuts, they should not go unmentioned here. Because if you are for>Don Roland<Had rendered outstanding service should be rewarded.

e.g. Ex-tax investigators Wolfgang Schad

The tax investigators Wolfgang Schad was one of those over 45 tax inspectors who showed solidarity in the summer of 2003 at a meeting with the four gentlemen, and there had sidelined adopted a petition to the Hesse state parliament. Than Hesse, president of the Athletics Association he organized for this meeting, even a room.

As in parliamentary inquiry / PUA was decided to interview two tax investigators that was also Wolfgang Schad. Shortly before his hearing, he was „into Finance loaded: To the Department 1, Mario VITTORIOWho later Oberfinanzprasident will be. “ The content of this conversation logically remained secret, but the core of what is spoken can be reconstructed on the basis of the following events> <. When Wolfgang Schad should be heard on 22.6.2005 before the inquiry, he insisted, only in a non-public meeting to give information. The session was canceled and then not continue as a „public-<.

„The next day he is approached by his colleagues in the office then that, in PUA obviously not the truth said. HARMFUL admits that it creates a>Blackout<Had, could not remember the things that he gets signed by hand in the petition to the Diet had. “

This „Blackout caused not only an important witness to the allegations made in the petition in air. This>Blackout<Was also favorably rewarded: As Wolfgang Schad had previously operated as a hobby, has now to his new profession: „He’s going to Regierungsoberrat (RoR) promoted and now works in the Hessian Ministry of Interior: in Unit VI. Competence of this unit, ‚Sport‘ and ’sport‘. “

e.g. the container rebel Carmen Everts (SPD)

It took a while until they had put all the foundations to better of one of the four ‚rebels‘ well-endowed in the government camp. After considering various options it was decided that SPD Abweichlerin Carmen Everts housed in the National Center for Civic Education. It was not easy, because you only had to invent a working field for which sufficient scientific expertise Carmen Everts at all. As had been the Marx Brothers godfather, took one in the sequence, the existing unit <> Demography and made ‚from the Unit:‘ extremism, dictatorship, and demographics. Thus bunglers and foolish this sounds, it went so boldly. Unlike any other Head of Unit posts especially this class was provided with the remuneration of a deputy head of the national center.

e.g. the works council chairman of Fraport St. Imp

Among the winners we must also often quoted council chairman of Fraport St. Imp . call As a „man on the other side ‚, he fought for the enforcement of FRAPORT expansion plans in the double role as employee representative and board member. He was in all respects Fraport’s Darling, a gold coin: At a special meeting of the Supervisory Board of Fraport at 31.10.2008 was rejected by its abstention by the demand of the future government of this suspension of immediate, threat of large claims, and challenged the legality of the coalition agreement.

This also explains that during the fighting Peter Imp Wortbruch campaign on the front line against a possible SPD government, which was vitally important for the campaign bosses: With his name, the impression should be conveyed, including the employees and wage earners stood on the side of the airport cartel. That he is already at that time the CDU Regional sat and was a member of the Forces, referred to not as much as possible.

The first reward was not long in coming: ‚As the first> Employee representatives, he was 2008, the price> Social Market Economy‘ of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation awarded.

2009 was followed by the political reward: He became the successor of the long CDU Bundestag deputy, Dr. Klaus Lippold from Offenbach, and in October of that year, catapulted by a direct mandate in the Bundestag.

Out of control

Unlike a dictatorship or a totalitarian regime is characterized by a constitutional separation of powers and institutional controls: It starts with the right of appeal to governments, ranging from the authority from parent departments (Chief Finance / Finance), by prosecutors‘ investigations, possibilities of the parliamentary opposition, a Inquiry set up, up to the ‚fourth power‘ to make public the press, allegations of perversion of justice and abuse of office or to give voice to victims of abuse of power …

Given the previously established facts, and due to the long time dream can draw a résumé.

All it took seven years until the system Gulag Archipelago ever came to the general public, thanks to a feature of the magazine> Stars‘ (No. 51), 11.12.2008 under the title: „Ice cold extravaganzas disappeared.“ Then it was again very quiet. Only as predictable was that the Administrative Court in the casting Psychiatrization four tax inspectors is declared to be unlawful, attack the Frankfurter Rundschau on this case. In a series of articles, the FR documents, facts, and lay open entanglements, which until then were only available on micro-blogs, such as <on the Internet blog of ‚Documentation Center Courageous searches and reports.

Since it is clear, at least in parts of the public that we are dealing with the pesky psychiatrization of tax inspectors not an isolated incident, not an exaggeration single service manager or become independent of segments of the institutional power structure, but a system that not only minutely the elimination of tax inspectors to operate, but equally all supervisory eliminated or inserted into the power structure.

Even if the political legitimacy of the Hesse state government is under attack: The cartel, which had proven itself in breach of promise campaign as well, holds together.

While the cashier> Emmely <was summarily dismissed for alleged enrichment (dizzying) height of 1.30 euro, there is the entire management staff of the Hesse state from a clean bill: Whether Tax Superintendent, Chief Financial Director, Health Minister, Finance Minister or Prime Minister … They have nothing to reproach himself and let the rest know that they will send in all meekness everything else up. Not react differently to the Government Media: Completely free to talk about all the scruples FAZ to this day „of“ political summer theater, „speculationand »unilaterally to defamatory (s) reporting on the conditions „in the tax investigation.

The Frankfurter Neue Presse / FNP put this Verschleierungsjournalismus still on the crown, as she spoke on 5/1/2010 by a ‚to‘ tax investigators affair ‚hyped skirmishes „and in all seriousness, a“ not yet experienced (n) Skandalisierungskampagne„He has observed, the“ from „supposedly new (s) revelations, through to the“ orchestrated outrage „feeds.

For all the madness that afflicts the FNP, it nevertheless retains a sense of the real danger: „This is Karlheinz Weimar, but a symbol of the“ system kitchen, ‚which is the ultimate goal of the staged outrage. Attacking the next most senior Minister Volker Bouffier confidant of the Government, is in fact also an attack on the Prime himself, especially on its political authority. “

So much foresight one wishes especially on the part of any opposition!

Fraport, the government – a systemic risk

One can only agree with the FNP: it is neither isolated incidents, nor individual responsible for the leadership of the Hesse state government. What were examples of the tax investigators ready to reveal, is a system that operates beyond the reach of parliaments, electoral, and criminal law and rules. As if through a porthole of a cruise ship, the tax investigators of the ‚couldBanking Group<See something that moves below the water surface: A criminal cartel political elites and large corporations that create billions with exercise amounts to buy influence and power, generate public and conquer markets, laws (-) and set up a right-zones. It was not the prosecution of tax evasion in the case, the> Bank Group <cost the head, but to penetrate the stubborn desire of the (tax) investigators, in this forbidden zone.

The system of fear and helplessness

The system> The Gulag Archipelago ‚is not only annoying for tax investigators, but for those who their modest Rights take advantage and just not to give in. What happened to the four tax investigators, can be seen in numerous examples of works councils and wage earners spell out the extorted, bullied, intimidated and sidelined were. Examples are executed in a few, the regime is afraid of everybody.

What this government would be willing, if not four, but hundreds of civil servants would say: We do with any more! What companies would be willing, if not some few, but tens of thousands of blackmail would resist, get fired, if not more work for less pay and more tolerant are you ready?

The four tax investigators are among the few who could not be silenced, which have been fighting for over eight years to ensure that they not be fired, but all those who have supported the system> The Gulag Archipelago ‚and enforced, and responsible.

If solidarity is not intended as a rhetorical flourish, then it is now sorely in need of Wolf Wetzel, 19.1.2010,

Author of the documentary narrative “ ‚Lethal Shots, restlessness Verlag 2008.

Abridged version published in:

The Empire Strikes Back, Publik-Forum/Zeitung Critical Christians: No. 1 – 2010 – from 15.1.2010, p. 18

If you lose an election, but not the power to Telepolis of 181.2010

NachDenkSeiten/ The website critical, Contribution No. 4471 of 22/1/2010, Hesse Crime

Further documents and articles can be found at:

The contribution to the sunny side of the Gulag Archipelago illustrates how to create beyond the „wellness centers“ parliaments powerful informal structures with which they finished making critical citizens, employees and harassed witnesses makes tractable. The case of tax investigators from Frankfurt is just the tip of an iceberg, and pointing out to get as far as convenience Survey instruments, container jobs, transportation of witnesses a blackout and witnesses to an important rise in the hierarchy as that of the Mario VITTORIO.

And if you still scandals like those of otherContainer Rebellin Carmen Everts (SPD) in the case of bullying hinzunimmt Ypsilanti, as well as that of the council chairmen of Fraport Peter Imp or now the Bullying complaints received by the Hessian police, then we can understand more and more the CDU-bullying scheme cook. The ZDF Editor in chief Nikolaus Brender had to leave because he „Cooking as well as ex-CSU chief Edmund Stoiber, the independence Brenders got on my nerves. „(2)

Go to the nerves is to make his work as an editor that can not be put under pressure by politicians and inform the public of backgrounds. So, what fits with the morality of a politician Stoiber (CSU) was just as much as a cook (CDU) and Schroeder (SPD).

„At the Mainz Channel Brender procured from the beginning of respect because he is party political influence consistently resisted attempts. Not all politicians liked so much independence. After the election defeat of Edmund Stoiber as chancellor candidate for 2002, the CSU got the call Brenders contract should not be extended. And meet after the election defeat of 2005 had Brender SPD in the Berlin Round „an impetuous Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, the media campaign, an imputed against him.“ (2)

And even if silent solidarity with a victim as Brender is designed or even criticism from experts in the solar system, the Gulag Archipelago of Mr. Koch is simply finished and further bullied. The motto here is how the burning of witches in the Middle Ages or in ancient Rome, where bread and circuses to distract the audience from social problems, ask the next victim.

„A violation of freedom of broadcasting,“ presented clearly established constitutional law in deciding the case Brender. It has benefited the victims of anything, except that the perpetrators can say what you want then, but the press can write what she wants. 35 State Law teachers had supported Brender and even many journalists understood the signs of the times right when they critically against the bullying unions combo at Roland Koch defended. They warned of a breach of the European Press Freedom Charter.

Brender has benefited the victim any more than the millions of victims of bullying, the fact that our constitution protects the dignity of man and his health, including mental health is meant. Bullying is now on land, or land from the strategy of citizens, employees and unpopular Democrats are making financially, professionally and medically ready, which almost always sufficient to bring the victims to remain silent. But not always, as in the case of Fankfurt tax investigators, or Detlef Lengsfeld, R. Beutler, Simon D., Arthur K., „Big Ant“, Milan Petrovic, Sedika Weingartner, Emmely, and … and … and … a list of names has the 100s. Just where is the support for the victims through the media and social organizations such as DGB, IG Metall and verdi?


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