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Prime Minister Gordon Brown on suspicion of harassment

24. Februar 2010

From Germany, we know that is being bullied in politics, so expect the stuff. The Governing Mayor of Berlin Wowereit certify the SPD, for example, a „stable bullying culture“, one can also say that the SPD has a system-bullying. (1)

For a party like the SPD, a devastating verdict for once bullying is a criminal offense in Germany, even if difficult to follow a circuitous route and over years. Calls on the other hand, the SPD, „Social Democrat“ and is proud of its workers wing, as to understand one, how can a system have bullying.

In England, the Labor Party is the brother of the SPD, so to speak, and feel as the voice of workers. And now its Prime Minister Brown is under suspicion of harassment.

„After the head of a telephone help Bullying victims had hinted at the weekend, some of Brown’s staff had called the hotline, called LaborParliamentarian Anne Snelgrove Evidence. The director Christine Pratt admitted in the BBC that no caller had raised allegations against Brown directly „.

According to a book, this should now be in circulation, is Brown as choleric chief of staff concerns had hard times.

„According to British media published excerpts of the Premier an employee is have tipped off the chairBecause they typed too slow. Then Brown had even the space taken on the computer. One of his advisers to the government, therefore, grabbed by the collar and yelled have. „(2)

„Another employee who wished to organize a reception for EU ambassador, is said to have pushed and yelled at Brown, why he had to take those damn people.“ (3)

Now stand at elections in England, „in opinion polls ahead of parliamentary elections on 6 May, the Labor Party is currently six points behind the Conservatives. Last year, Labor was still far back as 20 points, and since then political opponents are always ideas that would now be demonstrated, however, especially if the hotline, said to have taken place on the calls, the competition among parties.

„The head of phone support, finally told the BBC that no caller had made allegations directly against Brown. However, calls from the number 10 Downing Street had been received by the telephone assistance. The hotline said to have been endorsed by a members of the opposition Conservatives. (3)

Obviously, is now bullying, after the issue more and more is in the public, by political hard-liners like hitched to their party political wagon, which is the more reprehensible, should the evidence suggest that, particularly bullying victims are so abused by again.

It will be interesting to be informed of how quickly the public about the real reasons in the case of Gordon Brown. And one can only hope that again held a substantive discussion about bullying and a solid regime in the UK and Europe.

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