Auszubildende werden verstärkt gemobbt, ausgebeutet und missbraucht

Training conditions in China?

Not a day goes by without lobbyists, politicians and compliant journalists „ report on the skills shortage. Responsible is particularly the „bottle blonde“ Petra Gerster„by ZDF (1), with legs as his head would work the better.

The skills shortage has less its causes in the „demographic miracle“ or educational basis of the candidate or candidates, but in many training situations, in which it as in a training camp of the Taliban to go, as in Europe 2010th „Unfortunately, it is more common are that trainees in their training company bullied as“cheap labor„work from his activities for or abused.“ (2)

None of the background reports of the „public broadcasting„is devoted to this problem, too big is probably the fear of the reporters, they want to“ sacrifice „to be. Unfortunately leig since 2002, no new editions of the report bullying Germany (3) to what the great interest of the Federal Government and the lobbyists in the subject testifies to. A scandal what is going on there, if you know what the consequences for those concerned for.

Spy on

Bullying and abuse are even in adulthood a problem, but may in adolescents even worse consequences very much. The relationship between bullying in adolescence and the development of mental disorders in adulthood (eg, depression, anxiety and relationship problems, alcohol – and drug addiction) is scientifically proven: Young adults who are in school or training victims of bullying attacks were during, reported in an American study, more often on complaints than non-affected persons. go Moreover, experts in child and adolescent psychiatry assume that about 20 percent of all suicides among young people has a direct or indirect result of bullying in school or training are. „ (2)

Then one should not have branches in a skills shortage complain some, if not social conditions for trainees cares about, is a skills shortage, the „logical consequence„, only report on our media do not, why?

„Improved the situation still does not breach a coarse or trainer with his obligations (eg non-compliance with the provisions in the youth employment law), the training contract without notice or terminated by the competent Chamber also be resolved. „ (2)

Just what are the implications or consequences for perpetrators to be the bullying bully, and other drive in the suicide. It also raises the question, is it in Germany, something like the „Traurigkeitskurvein the seminars for trainers, recruiters and others who actually made the instructor would have to be moored with a task? 




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