Novartis, Pharmaceutical companies shown to discriminate against women.

After the rape, the victim is made the culprit.

Justice is just not justice and justice is still a foreign word for many judges in the global village, especially if one takes the Guild of German judges.

While the global village can not even governments with their powerful authorities to move a couple of clever financial jugglers to comply with minimum social standards, the German Government will always on „fat pants“ and speaks of rules, but what will then help rules if companies do not comply with one law.

The latest case of the global player Novartis, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland makes this clear. Although banned in the U.S., the discrimination against women in employment, now have the employees of the Group in New York obtained a legendary ruling.

12 female employees went before a New York federal district court and the jury have taken one of the most important judgments in this year or decade. Novartis has bypassed the employees for promotion and awareness must now pay 3.3 million euros in damages. (1)

While still appeal may be filed after newspaper reports and Novartis do want this, or wants. For the 12 women are only one part of a group of employees of the pharmaceutical company in 5600 particular brand of a class action for damages including loss of wages and bonuses, payments in excess of 200 million. Next to the pharmaceutical company for the same work will not be paid the same wages and have disadvantaged pregnant women.

In the case of the 12 employees, saw the court as evidence that „is not the pharmaceutical companies for the same job paid the same wages and pregnant women at a disadvantage“ has. (1)

A woman from the group has also led to the group or a special action, which actually produce the content may shock and only one has to ask what in the global village really is all possible?

Thus the work of women was criticized after it has displayed a working group for the doctor because of the „rape on a company trip. (2) believe it or not, still has a boss accused the woman she was „guilty of the crime„, ie rape. And the principle we know from the harassment cases well enough, as is always subordinate to the victims, it was their own fault and would have caused the bullying attacks themselves.

are from the victims then made perpetrators, so the mob can wash his hands of it, a principle that when one can bully in Germany harass successfully and, as the case manager Sedika Weingärtner shows, in which also a woman was made ready and the years to come.

The United States seems to have at least as victims the possibility of a fair trial, because obviously we know there is no clearing houses in Switzerland, as in Germany is probably gait and grant. The model of the process manager Sedika Weingartner is therefore for all victims of workplace discrimination and harassment as a model process. The verdict in the first instance by the judge pushed still ahead of him, why, the facts are from the first day on the table. (3)

Frida Kahlo

Back in the U.S., the employee who brought the rape to the public, the court received a „compensation of $ 540,000“ in this context, they wonder sometimes rape victims in Germany, get what they have? (2)

Rightly points out one of the lawyers the court case from New York to the central importance of this process, just that rights must not just on paper, but they just need to at work, we spend so much precious time of our lives, are also real and observed, even by the men managers, whether they are Americans now, or Swiss, or even gray-haired blonde and German.

„The verdict will send the clear message that equality for women could be recorded not only on paper, but must be implemented in everyday operations, too, said David Sanford, one of the main lawyers for the applicants‘. (1)

And rightly adds partner of the lawyer, David Sanford, Steven Wittels, „even the Board of Novartis in Switzerland, the Court must pay attention to … What might go through in Basel will not be tolerated in New York. “ (1) So now the politicians are in demand and employment lawyer in Switzerland, where the woman has equal rights or is it only the „rib of Adam“?

And because Novartis is also a strong presence in Germany (4), one has to wonder how it looks really there, the observance of AGG? What really makes the union here, except to consume with their works councils coffee and cake. Strangely, the German headquarters of Novartis in Nürnberg, where Siemens is Sedika Weingärtner been made ready and a judge has hanged in the courthouse.

Let us recall also the bullying case in Hardy Riedel Playmobil, which until today is still waiting for his right and which one has denied a fair trial.

Pretty much what Tobak hard here in the global work going on, and one can only hope that the media report extensively on the case of Novartis and also consult in times of IG Chemie (6), what do the people there, so every day. Investigative journalism is called something like that, incidentally.

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Eine Antwort to “Novartis, Pharmaceutical companies shown to discriminate against women.”

  1. Meherzaidi Says:

    I am amazed at the disparity of decision and approach in Germany and the USA.It is male chauvinism prevalent in Germany? Even in this day and age. Till such time that society is free of assigning sexuality as a gender role, this sort of discrimination will continue. For man to be really emancipated we have to look at the human not the sexual organs.

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