Siemens, BenQ, and the declaration of secrecy

The legally-sanctioned destruction of reason?

Those who believed in work processes, it’s all about labor issues does not know what’s going on in German courtrooms so and what German companies now want to introduce even for special rights. Michael Gerber can sing that song and he just wanted to exercise his right to work, a constitutional law.

Bullying victims know their labor experience what Michael Gerber has behind him. 3 ½ years, in words, three and a half years of fighting for his dignity, work, unemployment and all were under a tremendous financial pressure because no income is lost very quickly the fight for his dignity.

In the end, Michael Gerber has prevailed, fortunately, although Siemens wanted to take him even the basic right to freedom of expression (Article 5, GG), a fact which shows that even Sedika Weingartner and could probably still to come.

In particular, the action of the ex-manager of a design process for all bullying victims in Germany will be. This woman has a very well worth reading Weingärtner comment on the article „Sedika Weingartner, manager at Siemens was bullied for 7 years“ behind the current anti-bullying Rundschau. (1)

We always said the "boss" what we have to think!

Michael Gerber now has his job back at Siemens, „Siemens also continued to be concealed from the public,“ which probably put on the crown of the insolence of a company’s crown. (2)

„So Siemens demanded in his settlement proposal a declaration of secrecy, which I forbade me to the topic of a business, Siemens / BenQ and the success of public comments before the Federal Labour Court. The continued employment at Siemens should be concealed from the public. This should obviously be brought an uncomfortable silence critical voices against Siemens. (2)

This form of suppression of freedom of expression was probably something like the uncrowned peak in the case against Michael Gerber Siemens, with the explosive was in the „transition of the employment of Siemens to BenQ. (2) It then went bankrupt BenQ and very strange circumstances. (3)

Outcry in the country of work.

On the blog „NCI News and analysis“ the whole background of the case, Michael Gerber are shown. And Michael Gerber points out to right to a very great success of a little man against a global corporation, who has, however, tasted very much, too much when you consider that we live in a free and democratic constitutional state, as it our politicians are always so like to advertise. Only what actually is law for victims of harassment and termination orgies, if at the end always lose, which must yield to the financial pressure?

‚With the enforcement of the employment claim against the success of Siemens completed before the Federal Labour Court. My goal was to beat in the thicket of labor a path to make way for future commercial disputes in operation transitions favorable initial conditions for employees. „(2)

A success that has been mentioned, unfortunately, in our press and in the rest of the media almost as far as that is already one of the arms of the octopus „destruction of reason“ declaration of secrecy in our country, sad but true. (4) times wonder when the first philosopher or journalist in this country abbekommt its secrecy declaration.


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