The Shortcomings of Bilfinger shows how many turn a blind eye to corruption


The still rides the subway in Cologne.

As usual in times of high exposure of corruption scandals, embezzlement, bribery, favoritism, fraud, etc. erstmal philosophizing about the concept. Hard to believe, considering only the events at the construction company Bilfinger.

It all started with the collapse of a historic building in Cologne. „Fell on 3 March 2009 in Cologne city archives, the Historical collapses. Two people were buried here from the rubble by rescue workers and could be recovered only dead for days.“ (1) After the initial shock, it soon became clear, here’s more behind, because the cause was unclear.

Soon the news came, the construction in Cologne’s Underground are probably the trigger for the accident was.

In early February this year, then the first shocking news of the botched construction. „In Cologne more incredible things always come to build the subway into the light. The latest revelation: In the underground walls up to 83 percent bracket lacked the stabilizing steel. (2)

Yet you believe in error in the construction and planning, but it quickly becomes clear here „“ it smells great.

„The series of quality problems on the sites of Bilfinger Berger continues. For evidence of Bungling in the construction of the ICE and Cologne subway line in Bavaria, the group also fears the metro construction in Dusseldorf margins (3).

But what then was the Bungling?

Iron bar, which, rather than finding its intended use as reinforcements in parentheses, were transferred under the hand of the breaker, diaphragm walls, was built into the concrete too little, seven measurement protocols, which have been falsified for at least twenty – lamellae , unsafe construction sites – the list of defects, machinations and manipulations of the tricks and deceptions in Cologne U-Bahn-Bau is growing longer and therefore can Büllesbach Martin, spokesman of the lead construction company Bilfinger Berger amazed: overtaking, the findings on a daily basis. Have at least as much as the criminal process frighten their environments. For iron bars can not simply go away with a wheelbarrow to be the theft must have been organized. It seems obvious that the fraudsters have felt safe and knew that controls on the construction site lack or only lax. „The report reads like a construction site in the real existing socialism (4).

And when have you know that Bilfinger to the principle of outsourcing is served, then took over public works Dismembered and then passed on to other companies, it becomes clear what it lacked.

„A company like Bilfinger Berger, which had within a team (Arge) with Wayss & Freytag Zublin Cologne and the North-South light rail is built southern section, formerly the majority of trades for its own employees. Today, construction companies are in such projects is often only the project and give the work to subcontractors from, Smaller construction firms usually, the lower business costs and are cheaper. „(4)

But those who believe are the low wages and Eastern Europeans, the culprit is wrong, it is the system ‚irresponsible society‘, in which each person sees only his own advantage or profit. Because the defects were used in the – earlier you should probably narrow, with about 2 decades – the usual checks of supervision can be detected.

But who is the supervision?

„The supervision is subject to state authority, which is located on the subway at the district government of Dusseldorf. Personnel poorly staffed, she assigns the control task is usually to freelance test engineers who have the appropriate state license. In this case, however, has the authority – and this process is known Bökamp Henry, president of the Engineers of North Rhine-Westphalia, never been there – KVB to allow the supervision that they perceive themselves. „(4)

And institutionally?

The building code by the German authorities Administrative The prevention of risks to Public Safety and Rules transferred to the field of public construction law. The building supervision authorities have the respect of public service rules and regulations adopted pursuant to these arrangements in the construction, alteration, change of use, usage, maintenance and Demolition a construction plans monitor. (5)

Thus, officials who are at the sites of the company Bilfinger “ ‚ve never been there.“ And this system to hire irresponsible officials, subcontractors, the cheap labor from Eastern Europe and management who should know this, form the plot for the botched job on the construction of public buildings. An alarming when one consider this development, which have been seen by 100 people, abgemobbt and no one has sounded the alarm, which is to be understood, however, because it would have been collectively.

And then slowly, some well understand why the Swiss whistleblower want money for your data, who can already get ready like?

In a country or state where democracy works, whistleblower would receive consideration, because they point to flaws. We would let the mob attack on them and everything would be okay. But the botched construction shows how deeply people have already understood the message of the perpetrators, who enlightens and who is looking away flies remains.




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