What you should know about bullying.

On 09.03.2010, there are in the Secondary School (above water), by Katt Hagen 7 in Münster for a lecture on „Bullying among children perceive – to understand and deal.

As part of its series of events „bullying among children in parents‘ house – Kindergarten – School of the information – Forum seeks – children and families in SEE Münster eV. To achieve a wide public.

On 09.03.2010, the former headmaster of the school Leinberger in Göttingen and author of numerous books such as „bullying,“ Dr. Phil. Karl Gebauer Speaker.

On 13.03.2010 will take place in Münster a full day conference on bullying in the „Congress Hall“ hotel to the Good Shepherd in Munster.

The following lectures and workshops followed to the interested parties should be about www.seht-ms.de Reading in the meeting.

„Violence at school is“ a lecture by Mustafa Yanan, a secondary school and author of „Violence at school to prevent, detect and act.“ There is then followed by two workshops, mobbing and bullying between boys from girls. (1)

The next lecture will keep the doctor and author of many publications on psychotherapy autism, Asperger’s, under the title, bullying and Asperger’s autism. These also run the above-mentioned workshops bullying between boys and girls. (1)

The third lecture will be contested by the diploma psychologist and author of books such as „stress free at the school,“ Holger Domsch titled „Bullying and AD (H) S. (1)

For the Association SEE you should know the following. „“SEE Munster e.V. sees itself as an association for self-help, support and counseling of families with children and adolescents who have difficulties in the development in terms of partial performance weaknesses, perception problems, learning and performance difficulties, AD (H) S have emotional or social difficulties, impairments or disabilities “ . (2)

Especially in the field of handicapped people and school bullying plays a devastating effect increased once again shows us just how far advanced this psychological war against the dignity and soul of a people in our country already. Resist the beginnings, one can only say that again.

1) http://www.dghk.de/osnabrueck/2010-ms-mobbing.pdf

2) http://www.seht-ms.de/wordpress/

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