Bullying and burnout syndrome

Bullying victims

„Under burn burnout (in English“ to burn out =) it was originally understood the negative consequences of professional (over-) stress with gemütsmäßiger exhaustion, internal dissociation, and finally decrease in performance. Or – as it was described earlier – a (stress syndrome) in the helping professions or reduced to a nutshell (The consequences of poor conditions under which many good people working). (1)

On the Internet there is now for bullying victims a forum in which they draft can seek advice and represent their experiences. BOF, „the BurnOut Forum, information sharing around the topic BurnOut syndrome – guaranteed anonymous!“ (2)

As a victim, you should accept any help and opportunity is offered to one. This includes the BOF has the spinners themselves against attacks by cyber-bullies and protected, and thus provides a degree of „anonymity and protection“ for the victims. Unfortunately, the bullying and related burn-out has so far been poorly studied and respected, especially in export champion Germany, as well as a socio-political scandal.

1) http://www.psychosoziale-gesundheit.net/psychiatrie/burnout.htm

2) http://www.burn-out-forum.de/forum/viewforum.php?f=70

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