Augsburg Youth and Students Calendar 2010, anti-bullying tips

Bullying victims Stefan K

In order to mobilize against the mob, so the perpetrators in the public sphere at all levels, the „city of Augsburg in 2010,“ a calendar „be distributed in an edition of 30,000 units in the schools.“

The calendar „gives advice and lists the agencies can be contacted in children and adolescents, if they need help. Bullying is slowly creeping back, says Gerhard Bachmann of Augsburg Office for Children, Youth and Family. Dear someone is looking for a contact too soon than too late, „he advises young people.“ (1)

And psychologist at the counseling Schluter Angelika diaconal work of the Augsburg know from their work: For many mental disorders is in the background a bullying happening. „(1) A knowledge that is gaining more and more slowly in the society.

She also knows from experience that „quickly become of the victims and perpetrators (). Schluter is therefore calling on all students not just ignoring it – our politicians and jurists, especially judges, this basic democratic virtue, still a stranger – „if they mitbekämen that individual would deliberately excluded. Help is just as important by the classmates, as knowing where to get professional help. „(1)

One can only hope that, in respect of the federal government comes in the workplace and the Universities of 2011, a similar action. For we know that bullying costs our society in the meantime, already over 100 billion euros, money that we do not have and should not have.


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