Dumping salaries with 1.92 euros net per hour, or anti-social as is Germany.

additional assistance“ such as Hartz IV. He was with self-confidence and dignity in the morning watch in the mirror.

Today it is quite different. Today we live in a country without morals and values that determine where comatose drunks and preachers of hate society. Politicians to be elected in parliament in order to get well-paid part-time jobs and to make a tidy cash register. Only for the marginalized is, the everyday life, human dignity, without pay.

„That way, Michaela K. (34, name changed) from Gera (Thuringia). She cleans in the same hotel chain as Antonia. For a small room, we get 1.53 euros, 2.05 euros for a large, she says. According to the standard we are to create four rooms per hour to get to the wage of 6.33 euros. But that did not go. When the guests leave, it creates an average of just three rooms. „(1)

„Dumping wages exist in many industries. Especially guard services, hairdressers, florists and caterers are affected. „In the service sector, the worst wage dumping is taking place,“ said Dr. Herbert Grimberg (50), Northern Regional Chairman of the union of food, pleasure and restaurants (NGG). „(1)

In the work science this is called dumping some salary or wages below the minimum limit. And why all those people work for hourly wages? „Countless employees take into account, because they work on their social recognition and better job offers hope. The advantage of the company, says scientist Louis. „(1)

And that’s the whole gist. People want to work. However, getting a job at a good wage and go from the right of the „dignity of man“ and recognition of social work at starvation wages. The minimum wage would change this situation long ago, but our politicians do not want that yes, they call themselves Christians, therefore, (CDU) or Liberals (FDP).

1) http://www.bild.de/BTO/news/2007/01/14/lohn-dumping/lohn-dumping.html

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