Chief Announces Mobberin

Normally, employees are being harassed, bullied, and then terminated, whether they be deposit tokens, ravioli, or the leftovers from the famous hamburger. Judges too often go to such cases, blue-eyed, without being aware that is the fiduciary duty of the operator. The IHT has published one intressanter and important items with sample sentence. (1)

„Lawyers always strict comparison to what it would be if someone as Private would make a guest at another private citizen something, we should recognize the wrongness. Really? Courtesy must be asked, of course. But which one would deny host one chewed hamburger, a cell phone charging or cardboard from the garbage? Quite apart from the fact that many bosses are fleeting deer, constantly on the move and always much more important things in my head as a small concerns of employees.

Often, companies only have to look carefully or ask colleagues and views would find proper grounds for termination. The Land Schleswig Holstein has certainly recently, a company like peace-securable case: Who offended colleagues and perhaps even attacked, the company must jump extraordinarily termination. Only because the boss has a duty of care, which requires that he insults and harassment from other employees protect their colleagues. „(1)

The verdict 3 Sa 224/09, 2 Approximately 84 D/09 ArbG Munster meant that the bakery shop assistant for several Insults of students could be terminated without notice. The court thus confirmed the fact that a chief caring isWhen a Mobberin immediately announced. The verdict is welcome, and protects the victims against bullies.


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