Schlecker harassed workforce with wage dumping and anxiety

Wage dumping

In order to implement its operating policies of low wages sometimes below of Hartz IV, frightens you in the house Schlecker at nothing.

During the permanent staff hourly wages 12 to 14 euros gross replaced, according verdi get only half the employee around, these are 6 to 7 dollars an hour. Many temporary workers, or about one in eight have to pay this dumping on Hartz IV increase their income so they could survive.

In turn, the solidarity seriously impacted, while Schlecker and the dubious lenders Meniar – people in work to achieve – whopping gains Schlecker and implement its new corporate concept of XL stores can.

Was welcomed by the Betriebsrätin Janette palm from Dresden, the announcement of Mrs Ursula von der Leyen, a targeted act against wage dumping.

Toward the national minimum wage

Nevertheless, there is fear of the branches and in the long-term employees as Palm continues, so many employees of a „cold reduce the hours _ pay cut – would agree that they do not lose their jobs altogether.

The East German Head of Department for Trade during verdi, Jörg Lauenroth-Mago talks about the founding of the distribution company by Meniar Schlecker from a scandal, because the company wanted to terminate employees and to set for half the pay Meniar at once.

The DGB board member Claus Matecki sees in Schlecker not an isolated case, but by the liberalized in 2003 by the Bundestag adopted the Temporary Employment Act (ague), all companies would have found the opportunity to hire a separate company.

Schlecker defends himself with the announcement that there would be no further rental contracts with Meniar and accused the union of a defamation campaign.

The union official said Achim Neumann from a partial success because Schlecker wants to enter into any further contracts with Meniar. He demanded a clarification from the employees who have already landed in Meinar.

Nahles of the SPD did not say clearly ague, which has been adopted in the framework of Agenda 2010. The arbeitsmartpolitische FDP parliamentary party spokesman Johannes Vogel defends itself against the legal minimum and only provided a test of wage dumping in Schlecker in prospect. (1)


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