A student is bullied, an essay

Aylin, wants to be a German Muslim without a headscarf.

An essay by Philip Pursch to Topic: Bullying in school. You will not get rid of the impression when reading, this one just wants to play down what has this country has grown even sounded over the head, bullying at school.

The motto is, will indeed not be so bad. This ancient German Verhermlosungs and Verleugungsstrategie has passed us by the end of fascism into the blood, such as purgatory serves as a path to Paradise. After 1945, there were only a philosophy, nicvht think about it, not talking about it and do not address the issue, then no one had noticed what we did.

Here is the essay:

>> The word bullying is everyone’s lips. Magazines report about books give advice on „Bullied„And on television, and Internet discussion forums are available to do so. Bullying are everywhere and you can say that there is a kind of Volkssport has become. Particularly through the Competition have become in many professions, it seems a defining factor in our society.

The situation .. initially described by an example: The Mirror published an article entitled „What’s happening is extremely„, Which deals with the problem of bullying in the school deals. A student is being bullied and teased because he „No-name clothes„Bears. Students are also due to the „Otherness„By personal characteristics such as being bullied, for example, a large nose, or because one lisps. Is this just an isolated example? Probably not. This morning I read a small article in the Offenburger Tageblatt that a nurse was mobbed by a nurse. As one raises the question: What is bullying actually? Bullying is really so bad? Because not many make a mountain out of a molehill? And if the whole should be a mosquito: mosquito bites are not only annoying, they are sometimes very dangerous, even fatal in some cases.

Bullying and burnt Stefan K

But now back to the question of what is actually bullying. The concept is very new and was not defined until a few years ago as a kind of psychological terror, which is derived from the English „to mob“, which means as much as to molest. Bullying is a persistent and systematic bullying. But who exactly are the bullies? And who is being bullied? Are there different types of bullying? And if so, how? According to a statistic in German schools mobbed one of ten students and more than one in ten own mobbing. Not a good picture, which shows the German youth there. Bullying can be divided into different types. There is, for example, the violent nature, tend to prefer guys „. This manifests itself through extortion, vandalism and physical violence. But girls prefer to use the „soft“ species, such as teasing or bullying because of the clothes or appearance.

When I was at home with the types of bullying further explained, I noticed that many victims of bullying problems have themselves to blame. The group of so-called „nerd“ is a good example, but I do not want to say that someone is being bullied or teased because of his willingness to help, or because of his good grades. The target group is more likely because the people who left during his meeting with teachers a slime trail and create a presumption to the students and the day that is not able to follow the instruction on this scale. By this I do not attribute bullying in response to this behavior because it has many vulgarities. Nevertheless, one should be aware that any impact, even based on a cause.

Car of a bullying victim

The problem of bullying in schools and the resulting consequences are very bad for the „bullied“, you should reduce or even completely get rid of. Many of the schools has been done in this area a lot. The number of supervisors in the breaks has increased already, for example. Another measure might be the transformation of the breaks. At most schools, students rush into the big breaks from the school and know nothing better to start with their time than go off on his fellow students and attacking them verbally. Several games in which to teach the students would certainly avoid this.

The issue of bullying should be from teachers also often dealt with in the class and discussed. That reminds me, but just that the teachers are not just indifferent to it, as for the bullying of students. Very often it occurs, namely, that teachers assess individual students. That they do not only on the basis of grades, but also by gestures or facial expressions, gestures, or derogatory nickname. All this gives the students a reference picture of his performance, and thus his person.

But the remark „You’re not good enough!“ That a large proportion of students receive feedback as always, as the Pisa study has demonstrated, can hurt students. The devaluation of a student led by the teacher then many classmates to bully him. In short, the teacher helps a student is being bullied. Nevertheless, should all teachers and students are precisely deal with the very sensitive issue of bullying and not look away forever. Only then one can expect an improvement of school climate. Makes the eyes and not look away!“ (1)


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