FOC Referee Mark Wehner convicted in bullying case

The report, title

In the cases of Mark Wehner and bullying of other employees in the tax office Frankfurt V – that would be Schmenger Rudolph, Heiko and Tina Feser, Sven Försterling, Frank Wehrheim, Dieter Reimann, Eckard Pisch and Wolfgang Schad – was a psychiatrist and expert witness by the Appeal Tribunal for health professionals his opinion on a courtesy Geldstrafe convicted of 12.000,00 euros. A very brave and unique case for Germany. (1)

No Labor in Germany would ever have such a fine is imposed, plus there are the wire-pullers and lobbyists anchored too much.

„After three days of trial, the Court of Appeal for health professionals in the Administrative Court of Giessen a doctor specializing in neurology and psychiatry, found guilty and is connected to a fine of EUR 12,000, with a reference condemned.

The Court of Appeal shall be taken by a professional judge, the Vice-President of the Administrative Court of Giessen Christiane Loizides, and two honorary judges who are members of the medical profession, had come to believe that four reports by the accused on behalf of the Hessian Specialist Office Supply and had reported to Social Services in Frankfurt, had not been drawn up in accordance with professional requirements, so that a breach of medical negligence, particularly on the basis of § 25 clause 1 of the professional discipline of physicians in Hessen, has been infringed.

On the basis of this advice was a Treasury official and three senior financial officers of the Service (councilor / Counselor), which had formerly been employed as a tax investigator, was transferred to disability retirement. „(2) The file number of the Court’s file number: 21 K 1220/09 GI.B. So far it is not known exactly what the jury is about the men behind the convenience advice. 



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