A doctor of internal medicine and its history Bullying

To understand what it means to be bullied in the hospital, you should read the history of the doctor wrote in 2001 for „Internal Medicine“. Incredibly, since what is happening among the „gods in white“. But our politicians have always been closed only a blind eye.

„What happened? In order to study medicine, I committed myself in the army, and when I retired from that, I was 35 years old, had an attractive part of an internal medical training and wanted to make a career. I could also say that I wanted to have the recognition, prestige and success in the profession. And of course subject to adequate income security. So I toiled and has been blackmailed. Normal his assistant – no thanks. Through my ambition, I gained more and more specialized knowledge – and I felt increasingly that the interests and benefice of Superior used. There were no words of appreciation of the boss or senior consultant, demands of them – but also laid by me – only higher. Eventually, I was an internist, had a section in her yet – read the job advertisements, and you know why. I got a job as well, a gastroenterologist, I should be so, why not.
„I wanted everything.“ After a short phase of the pink-red look the problems: It was not arrived, the separation (from the family who had moved with family for two years to another location, sold his house and gives the circle of friends?). It was not the working load, and I wanted it so. I wanted everything: endoscopic training, emergency medical service – indeed brought the money – good doctor on station be an oncology ward, complete the required studies, mentor students, miterledigen routine endoscopy. It was a debacle. Not because of all the work, but because of the ways of dealing by the chief and senior physicians to me. I was the outsider. I asked questions and asked for help in difficult Treatment decisions. That I should not do.

Dada against Bullying, dokumenta Kassel

The boss was unresponsive for medical problems – he still breathed audibly deep that I thought he would fall to the same. So I left it up. But my physician came in the first six months, only twice Station. He wanted to know anything about medical problems and make decisions. I asked the other assistant – yes, that would halt so. So you have to through. I was hard, I received the information in other ways, and was fit. Thus the problem but did get going, I took my then nothing more to say of sisters, as I would have what to do. The intrigue began, because they were not accustomed. In the absence or in the night, I was the senior surgeon. But not later than the morning briefing, I was brought before the assembled troops skipped because of a spelling from the chief.
The chief visits mutated into a spectacle: sayings like „you make your therapy to patients with only ill“ have been raised prior to patients. Sarcasm and irony, given the climate, and came with me Fear on, because I was suddenly transferred to another station – ostensibly in the normal rhythm. And to learn as a complete medical specialist and aspiring gastroenterologist to how to write letters and doctor diagnosed ECGs. I landed on the Siding.

victim of bullying

The boss said to me, but also from colleagues, and sisters, that he could not understand how someone like me could be an internist. My self-esteem decreased, psychosomatic symptoms made their appearance, my thoughts turned increasingly to the question of how I could escape from this situation. I asked an assistant colleagues. They gave me good advice like that I should keep my mouth shut, or ensnare the boss or should perhaps be better to go. A lot of communication, it does not exist. I was already isolated. I talked to my physician: They had seen it all, I should resign myself to it and adjust myself. I asked the other senior physicians who wanted to know anything about it, the boss was difficult to stop. After a year of suffering I went to the Employee, and found support and understanding. Discussions with the Chief were only conducted in their presence, open war broke out. Quit attempts, the training at another hospital or in practice to have failed. Who goes out just before the end of a hospital, has a flaw. Even psychotherapeutic help, I went to see his own expense. I knew who is being bullied, also has a personal interest in it. The therapy helped one hand, the other, I increasingly got the feeling that I was their own fault, because I arranged it to me himself. The same I had experienced in a milder form in other houses. I was convinced that we have be nuts.
With this knowledge, it was better for me then. I enjoyed the maverick. Thus was connected but also a change that I call the inner parting, bidding farewell to the idea of working at the hospital further. It was clear that a senior physician’s office was not in it – even ask the boss would have exposed me. So I switched the roles: perpetrator was now to be the motto. I asked for a report card as location determination. Six months before the end only missing a few scans. With this security, I began to uncover any mess to me loudly. The Employee has been repeatedly informed, across departments, I told anyone who would listen – or not – as in the interior department worked around the head and the top doctors with me. But something still seemed better, I myself began to to manipulate subtle way. Well got the senior physicians and the superintendent fear. They understood that I began to scream loudly when they did not let me alone. Granted, I myself was so criminal, extortionist to take unfair advantage. I was left alone. Something occupied me for a long time: Why has caught me at this time, why I have to do with me? Conventional Harassment Reports often only describe the offense by the supervisor.

But I hardly think that the hospital environment will change, if we look only to the perpetrators. Of course, this must be punished. From my present perspective, I should have switched the Medical Council. Even today, I would get a lawyer to help. Has helped so ultimately the rigorous detection of abuses. This is a very important strategy to control abuse perpetrators. Had I been able, it would immediately begin Bully must use. But this can hardly a sacrifice. „Rejection of myself,“ abuse research, however, describes not only the conditions with the offender, so it can be a perpetrator.

Thus, internal and external conditions (for example, looking away, the crowd) are named. Abuse Research – And Bullying is a form of abuse – Also asked what qualities / skills are missing the victims to protect themselves adequately or to defend themselves. What got me on skills not available, where now was not my fault (my fault)? I wanted to praise and recognition, would define the work my self-esteem. I looked for the good mother who fed me a piece. Today I know that this hook, if you have swallowed him once, runs very deep. It will get rid of him without pain and injury. The pain is to recognize and surrender.

I said goodbye to my hospital career, but also by the idea of a good internist / gastroenterologist to be. Grandeur gave way to normality, and it hurt.

Where are you like to going?

When I read these lines, I wonder what has actually happened. But I also realize that is hardly describable in words the situation. While reading my story might seem to be funny, maybe it does not happen so much evil. Maybe some think I was the bully. I notice there are not the words that hurt me. It was the rejection of myself, as I’m like that I felt. Unfortunately, it’s just who has understood this system, looks for another job quickly. The good ones go, the others remain. At the beginning of the letter, my hands and feet were ice cold, I felt an anger at the hospital, the chief and the senior physician. But on me, again this Feeling of guilt. Now, at the end of the letter to me is warm again, and I am calm. I know it’s not my fault, I could not then otherwise, and the perpetrators were actually criminal. “ (1)

Unfortunately, we lack from the different working and living areas of many such stories, because then you would understand in all sectors of society, why bullying is so dangerous and hurtful. Time that many fear store and tell.

1) http://www.aerzteblatt.de/v4/archiv/artikel.asp?src=suche&p=Auf+dem+Abstellgleis&id=26522

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