Turbulence in „hard and fair“ about bullying & Noujoks.

>> „Pressed and weggemobbt – welcome to the new world of work“ was the provocative title of the program, whose term moderator pointed Plasberg anyone of his guests to the dressing room, but admitted: „I just think about how to proceed.“ << (1) In the program, it must be walked up well, even though the moderator had not invited any victims of bullying in the round. the issue of bullying in Germany is still something that we want to prefer to hush up.

It was clear also that were high in the presence of the famous and infamous Fertigmacher Noujoks the temperaments, except for Bishop FrauKäßmann who felt their hearts desire.

>> Bullying is a widespread and readily underestimated problem. Three quarters of the people answered in the affirmative the question whether they had ever done at work with it – but fair, at least according to „hard“ internet poll before the show. In the 75-minute debate, the first mob stramme Employer lawyer Helmut Naujoks, author of „termination of non-cancelable“, and ex-Social Affairs Norbert Blüm of the CDU ( „The pensions are secure“). Blum points to the starvation wages in Dortmund hairdressers, had nothing to do with globalization, and requires lawyers from the Alert: „Do you plead to your Rabaukentum !“<<( 1)

Perhaps Mr. Plasberg times makes a show with the victims of bullying, and only those who have the money eyes conflicts with lawyers, judges and uneducated labor report neglected employees Petitionsauschüssen. After the program was then Mr. Plasberg been moderator, because the truth may no more be heard in this country, certainly not the politicians, so will the Moedrator bullied and without notice. Something goes in Germany without any problems, because there is not only Noujoks, but many of his colleagues, offenders and working judges who think and act like lawyers.


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