First they mobbing the gentlemen, then threatened with death

I kill you, the message at the car of the victim

In Germany there are no more moral. For the year-end 2010, and if one were to take all stories bullying, harassment cases and Mobbingratikel a book together, then it is possible to fill an entire library. So the evidence enough, why then act Koehler, Merkel, and all the smart politicians do not?

What bullying is, with death threats, including Reto G. can sing an entire opera. Today, he is finished with the nerves and know no further. The beginning was like all bullying attacks relatively harmless.

>> „It started in June and lasts until today. Letters and e-mails. “ But then the increase came because the perpetrator has given no one stopped. „In the emails and letters in“ threatened by one or several co-workers anonymous: „Get away from this job. Otherwise what happens! „And:“ We will kill you until you go !»<<, the perpetrators all their hatred and violent expression. (Take 1)

Reto still has the courage and goes to the police.

„He reimbursed the end of September to the police and spoke with his superiors. But in October, the terrorist gets worse. The bully on Retos sprayed with black paint, red car: „I’ll kill you!“

Now Reto G. seized by fear. For weeks, he must be sick leave. The management challenges via an open letter to employees: „We stand fully behind Reto G.“ In early December, he ventured back into the company: The first day goes well. His colleagues welcomed him kindly. Also on the second day Reto didn’t rest. “

The rest would be deceptive, because the perpetrators of brutal beating and harder back.

„The next evening, then the shock: Reto G. is leaving as one of the last building. In the company parking his car – and is emblazoned across the front passenger side: „Until Christmas, you’re dead! »

Reto’s heart beats up to the neck. With a mobile phone, he lights up his car and sees on the ground beside the passenger door, a wheel nut. Someone has solved the screw from the right front wheel! Even someone on the other wheel has turned. They are only loosely.

As far as perpetrators are now ready to go, and how many of these assassinations be advised Erfolf at all? This opens up a gullet, which is larger than our country itself

Reto G, does not give up.

„But despite the threats, despite the attack, he does not want to sell. Then the guy would have won with his lousy actions. „(1)

One can only hope that in future all victims of bullying to think so, and we did not in 2010 must accept a new record for suicides. But it is also time that the politicians finally take action, because only with an anti-bullying laws may be victims like Jessica, Stefan K, and Reto G. defend better against bullying.


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