A burning victims of bullying and later they lit him on the Internet


Now, in this anti-social social interaction Marsh is a common practice that had an apprentice „on the site of the Potsdam Chamber of Trade to do“ as a bullying victim of the cruelest Art beginning Stefan K. had made Beelitz sing through a lot of ridicule students should surround and dancing. In between, he always buries back helpless in his hands in his pockets, comes from one leg to the other, looking uncertain in the round. Then, keep order his classmates finally their cell phones to her Faceto:>> Come on, the Round doing, you dirty pig! <<- and the torture begins again. „(1)

None of the students intervened, none of the supervisors was supposedly on the spot, a duty of care is not well with the Chamber of Trade in Potsdam known. The prosecutor identified, but today there still is not the leaders and teachers‘ training center, however. Even so, a phenomenon in the state of Brandenburg in Germany, where one wonders why we need laws if we do not apply?

Mobbingopfer Stefan K.

Ask The Potsdam Chamber of Trade will be issued only a statement about the one only as a Democrat, and man can. „Young people who are difficult problems. But of psychological or even physical violence, we were not aware, a spokeswoman, a Chamber of Commerce. The alleged perpetrators, there was no arrest warrant Friday afternoon was free again.“ (1) Whether it be initiated anti-bullying measures to the spokeswoman says nothing. Wahrscheinloch Stefan K. is not able to finish his education and the perpetrators are protected by the Chamber to reach a diploma. So what is to protect the offender. But what about the „dignity of man and his right to health“ that the GG Stefan K. be safe? No meeting in the parliament of Brandenburg, is involved in this process, no official statement on what you want in the future asozailen against this harassment and violent attacks, and what is the chamber of commerce in the future so that such cases may not occur again take . By the way, even 60 years ago, people have started people and buildings on fire, then it was called „Crystal Night“, where we are again in the land of Brandenburg?



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