Unruly or bullying pupils could end up

aylin, victim of bullying at school

A other interesting homepage against Mobbing or Bullying ist die Internetsite „Bullying UK“. Most of the articles like to stop Cybermmobbing or -bullying in the UK.

„Parents who help out in schools will not have to be checked for criminal records after the government changed its mind over the vetting and barring scheme following a huge outcry from schools and youth organisations“.(1) And we have the hope, that anytimes we got a big „powerfull“ internetsite against the mob.

„Bullying UK CEO John Carnell said the decision was a victory for common sense. „We’ve been pressing successive governments to record all bullying incidents since 1999. It’s good that for the first time teachers will be covered by this policy as too many of them are suffering stress at the hands of disruptive and antisocial pupils.“(1)

We can`t see in germany and other european states the end of bullying or mobbing. But we have the hope, that we become or get in all countries a prohibition of mobbing or bulling like we have today got in austria. This would be a success for all victims of bullying or mobbing in the global village.


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