The best definition to mobbing of the USA.

Einer fehlt!

In most of the development countries we find a discussion about mobbing since 1990 – 1995. Here a article or constribution of a blog a anonymous user called „bababob“.

„I have since discovered that her actions were tantamount to something called „mobbing“. The best definition I have found for it is this one from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business Report …“ (1)

Here a the best definition of mobbing. „Mobbing, supra note 3, at 41. The hallmark of mobbing behavior is an initial unresolved conflict that is preventing the targeted person from accomplishing his or her job in the most effective way. The targeted person tries with good intent to resolve the situation in a constructive way, never realizing that the people he or she is dealing with have already decided to get rid of him or her, which is „revealed in attacks of various sorts: humiliation, ridicule, stigmatization, ostracism, exclusion and isolation.“ Id. at 159. This leads the targeted person to suffer „self-doubt,“ „…confusion, tension, anger and depression.“ Id. These unresolved conflicts intensify and are magnified until the targeted person is suffering severe emotional distress. The more the targeted person attempts to find recourse the more those who are doing the mobbing create reasons why the issue cannot be resolved. Id. at 160. Because those doing the mobbing have no intention of resolving the conflict, the conflict escalates until it is virtually unmanageable. The targeted person becomes very ill or depressed, work suffers and it is only a matter of time before the targeted person is terminated, resigns or retires. Id. The expulsion of the targeted person was predetermined by those doing the mobbing from the very start and there was nothing the targeted person could have done to resolve the issue (therein lies the „crazy-making)(1)

Mobbing or Bullying today is an international problem. What we need is a global union of activist against mobbing or bullying.


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