A Study to Cybermobbing or Cyber-Bullying


 The German  „Media Education Research Group Southwest“ MPFS sponserd a study to Cybermobbing and the behavoir of the young generation at the World Wide Web. One View is by the way of this study very interesting and important, Cybermobbing.

Here the stuff, „The widespread daily use of mobile phones and online communities and unproblematic data transfer between these two areas provide an explosive spreading of information, data and images. In comparison with a mass use of these media, the abuse cases are still not so frequent, but the potential of technical recourses do not need to be underestimated. An imprudent dealing with personal data can pose a lot of trouble, for example, to become a target for cyber-bullying. Thus, parents, educators and providers are required to inform and educate the youth and form a more responsible behaviour on the Internet“.(1)

The mean Point of this study is, that the users a very, young and the have often no ecpirience of danguros the use technicls instruments like Mobil phone oder Internet. 



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